Dustin*hearts* Ally | 10.25.09 The Sanderling Duck, NC

It’s such a treat to meet brides on their wedding day, since most are coming from out of town, I only get to meet a handful before then! I feel like I knew Ally from all the emails and conversations but what I wasn’t expecting was the calming effect she had on everyone. I walked into the room and she was sitting by the window watching the ocean as she had her hair and makeup done, she turned around and was grinning ear to ear. It was quiet, just her, her mom, 2 sisters and best friend in the room with her. She wasn’t worried about anything and was soooo excited to be marrying Dustin.
Her mom is a mother of 4 and doesn’t take anything too seriously, she laughs about everything. I totally see where Ally gets it from! For anyone who has worked with me, you know I tend to smack folks on their fanny’s to get them in place or if they are sassin’ me, so I knew I loved her mom instantly when she walked behind me and pinched my fanny and turned around and laughed at my surprise!
It must be a southern thing, hee hee.
These two had a perfect fall day for their wedding, enjoy!


They had the yummiest lobster and crab feast! Their bibs were darling and they had the most amazing beers and wines to go along with it!


Here is a photo from our silly goose photo booth!


Carrie + Joanne being silly!



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