Carolina to Africa | Part 4 – Camp’s Bay

Carolina to South Africa | Part 4 – Camp’s Bay

How We Enjoyed a Month in South Africa with Our 3 Year Old

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It was heaven waking up from our long flight in Camp’s Bay. It seemed unreal.

Poppy had her own room with a double bed at Camp’s Bay Resort and we had a room, kitchen, bathroom and living room. We were there for 5 nights. It was perfect, there was a park right in front of our hotel complete with a fabulous jungle gym. They had the most interesting swings made out of tires, complete with a back and arm rests, a see-saw and the best climbing trees and rocks a 3 year old could ask for! It was also right off the main road which meant we were walking distance to the most amazing and affordable restaurants! All of them had beautiful ocean views and heavenly food. And since our times were off, we were all going to bed around 10pm and waking around 10am for the first few days which meant we got to enjoy every second of the evening light and then have a relaxing dinner as the sunset and still have books and bedtime routine without a rush.

Taken from the park we were playing in-


Poppy’s reaction when she first saw the ocean and views at Camp’s Bay-


Feb. 13, 2014:

We woke the next morning around 1030am and John had gone to the store before we woke up and got milk, yogurt and granola, that along with instant coffee overlooking a raging Atlantic Ocean made for the best morning! The coffee wasn’t amazing but it reminded me of my time in Australia, so to me, it was perfect!

We got ready and went exploring, felt the water, 50 degrees or so, very chilly and very very rough, played on the playground and then found an amazing restaurant overlooking the water, all the eateries were sooo good and affordable! We stopped for gelato on our way back to our hotel and Pops took a nap.



We woke and went back to the playground by the ocean and watched the sunset, went to dinner at a tapas restaurant, Pops tried baby Octopus and ate a ton of mushrooms. We had baklava for dessert, John’s favorite of the night. To keep her entertained we brought play-doh which she had a blast making mermaids with. Pops went to bed around 1030pm. Very late for her but it made since with the time change. Perfect first day!


Feb. 14, 2014

Valentine’s day and Pops requested to visit the penguins near Simon’s Town.



We woke up around 10:30 am again and tried to go in the pool but it was overcast and cold although Pops and John braved it for 10 minutes tops! We later learned they heated it on the weekends...


We went and showered and drove Chapman’s Peak, super scary and beautiful toll road above the crashing Atlantic Ocean to Simon’s Town.


We had lunch at a stylish eatery that was very “antiquey” and homey and went to see the Penguins at Boulder’s Beach. We debated driving to Cape Point but Pops was exhausted and ready for a nap. We decided to head back to the hotel and met our new friend that a mutual friend introduced us to, Ronel and ate at Luigi’s for Valentine’s Dinner, bed around 10pm. Poppy did ask me to tell Ronel what was in my belly, she was very proud to tell her about her sister, Peaches. Whew. Well see how it all goes when she arrives as this was the first bit of excitement she has had about her.

Feb 15, 2014

We woke up at 630am, had breakfast at the hotel and caught the “red bus” and rode it all day through Capetown and up to Table Mountain.


Once in Capetown we went to the Aquarium and ate at “the worlds largest wine bar” Belthazar, John had Kingklip fish, super delicious! Pops had no nap and we took the red bus up to Table Mountain where John took the cable car all the way up, he could see to the tip of Africa, Cape of Good Hope.


I chickened out as the heights scared me to pieces and Pops wouldn’t leave my side, so we stayed at base camp and had ice cream and watch everyone come and go up the cable car.


We got back to Camps Bay and Pops was still in a fabulous mood, it was warm and sunny so we went to the pool and played there for hours, she loved it and is almost able to do a front flip on her own underwater!
We had dinner at a restaurant and I had raw oysters and sushi and John had a shrimp curry soup which Poppy really liked! Naughty Brooke (being pregnant) but I couldn’t resist!

Feb. 16, 2014

We woke up early and drove to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope.


We drove back over Chapman’s pass, easier the second time but still scary! Luckily it was a weekend and big bus tours were on it so everyone was going very slow!
We stopped for a lunch and treats to go at Nordhouk farm village and took it to the lighthouse for a picnic.
It was a beautiful scenic and long drive out to the cape, once we arrived in the park, it was lots of shrubs and low plants and crashing waves on rocks all around. We got to the lighthouse and climbed up, Pops was very disappointed she couldn’t go in the lighthouse. It was soooo windy, I was worried it would blow Poppy away, hurricane force. We climbed back down and went to the beach at Cape at Good Hope overlooking the rocks where it was super windy and Pops was tired. The most south western point of Africa! Pops kept kissing my belly and wanting to talk to Peaches, she seems to be warming up to the idea of being a big sis.
On our drive back, Pops napped in the car and we went to a winery, Groot Constantia and the sauvignon blanc was wonderful!
When we got back to our hotel, it was our last night at Camp’s Bay, we went swimming at the pool and met a family from Jo’Burg who are wedding photographers. They had a daughter, Summer, who Pops really enjoyed.
We went to dinner at Primi Piatti, delicious Bolognese and John had lamb curry ravioli which he loved.
Came back, went to bed and was sad it was our last night at Camp’s Bay.

This was taken at a stop over on Chapman’s Pass with Dungeon’s big wave surf spot in the background.



Cottage Chic | Furniture Re Imagined

Cottage Chic is a collection of old furniture that has been reworked, you will find all different pieces from tables and chairs to china cabinets to funky handmade signs. Suzy uses lots of old windows and doors to make brand new pieces.
If you see a piece you like that isn’t the color you want or you would like it customized, she is over the moon to do so for you! She’s quick, creative and a lot of fun to work with!
She will also trade other pieces of wood you have for a discount on the piece your purchasing, a win win for all!
She also rents her pieces out for weddings or portrait sessions! You could use her old windows for a seating chart or get married in front of her vintage doors. The possibilities are endless!

Love these magnetic boards, great for posting photos or kids art! Underneath is just a selection of other gorgeous items she has available but check back daily as her inventory is always changing!



Outer Banks Spring Portrait Party

This years Spring portrait party at Sanctuary Vineyards was the most fun and exciting one we’ve had yet!! When Doves Fly brought 48 of their beautiful white doves for the families and kids to release and Just Cupcakes brought their adorable pink and white camper, heavenly cupcakes and cake pops!!



Renee Landry Style created a beautiful tissue paper garden and brought some of the funnest balloons complete with confetti and chicken faces!


To top all of that off, we had a surprise visit from Mavis our Piggie Pie. She wanders the farm during the day and made her way over to the party, made all the kids giggle!

We had several sets of cousins come, moms, dad, newborns and kids of all ages!














Many thanks to Candace and Robin for all their help and their beautiful photos!

We love getting to spend time with so many families and getting to see the kids as they grow each year!


Yaz is 11! | Outer Banks Portraits


Yesterday was my daughters 11th birthday!  Yazmine was such a tiny little preemie bean when she entered this world, who would have thought she’d spend her birthday running around as a forward on the soccer field?

I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming.  Sweet, honest, independent and incredibly reliable, she loves to read and has a great group of friends that we love as well.  Yaz is one of the most inspiring and bravest people I’ve ever met (I’m not biased at all! )  I’m pretty sure she could rule the world one day if she wanted to.

Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx myself for the teenage years that are approaching!





  • Heather Snyder - I love the soft pastel of these photos, and Yaz is beautiful! Bonus, these pics match the new website branding :)

Underwater Baby Portraits | ISR | North Beach Sun

When we first started taking Poppy to The Swim Lady, Christen, we had no idea what a treat we were in for! We knew that yes, she taught babies how to swim, but when it’s your own baby who can’t even walk or talk but can float in a pool, you are in complete awe!! We were amazed that Christen taught her this life saving technique since living on the OBX, we are surrounded by water.

Many thanks to North Beach Sun for letting other families know the importance of ISR.

Each year we have the pleasure of working with Christen to document the child’s new skill. We photograph the child and families underwater swimming, rolling over or even riding a bike in the pool!

ISR starts as young as 6 months to learn to float and at 1 year old they can roll over, float and swim towards the side until they reach safety.

For more information, contact Christen Buchert: 252.202.2000 or

obx_underwater_portraits_1 PM
obx_underwater_portraits_2 PM
obx_underwater_portraits_3 PM

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