Outer Banks Headshots | Meet Amy

Sanctuary Vineyards

Outer Banks headshots

Little Miss Amy is all things fun and fabulous!!  She is the maker of Outer Banks Sea Salt, caters weddings and is a personal chef not to mention an amazing writer!  I was so excited to capture her fun loving personality and she certainly brought all smiles and plenty of sass!

We took Poppy and some of her classmates to her home to watch, learn and make sea salt themselves, it was a fascinating adventure!  We saw how she has gallons and gallons of ocean water and how she cooks it down to make the salt, what makes larger salt crystals and what makes smaller ones and got to witness all the time and love she puts into each batch!  She even let the kids make salt scrubs for their hands and feet and send us home with some to try!!

Amy, you’re an amazing and inspiring artist full of love!! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

Outer Banks Headshots


Fall Family Portraits | Baby Noah

Sanctuary Vineyards

fall family portraits

My sister is such a natural mama, she has always taken care of everyone.  Seeing her with baby Noah melts my heart!   He is always smiling and such a strong little fella, at just over 2 months he’s already rolling over both ways!

They came to stay with us for the weekend and we went to play around Sanctuary Vineyards.  I love their fall attire and the woodsy feel of their shoot.  Josh was happy to be in the photos but the creek was calling him so he packed up his fishing pole and headed back.  These photos couldn’t be more “them” as any chance they get they are by the water with their pup, Finn, and fishing pole in hand.

Noah is going to be an incredible fisherman and surfer by the time he’s grown!


Fall Family Portraits
Fall Family Portraits


Corolla Beach Wedding | Will hearts Karen

Rain and Wind + Lots of Fun!

These two have been planning to get married on the beach in Corolla for months, however, 30 minutes before their ceremony a huge storm rolled in, it was raining cats and dogs and sooo very windy!  However, we all made the best of it and they the most beautiful ceremony inside their oceanfront beach home.

Here is their original set up, complete with a beautiful heart around the alter and chairs set up by I Do OBX Chairs.  It ended up being gorgeous after the storm with the raindrops in the sand and the smooth windblown beach.


Corolla Beach Wedding

Here is where they said “I Do” with their family and best of friends.  Karen’s son walked her down the aisle as Will’s boys stood by their side.

Corolla Beach Wedding

After their ceremony, they went to the beach to find a bottle of liquor they had buried the night before, 28 paces from the walkway.  The saying is if you bury it upside down it will be sunny on your wedding day… didn’t work this time, but it was the absolute perfect wedding day!

It took all 4 of their sons plus the two of them to find it – thank goodness, as they all had a ball digging and four-wheeling on the beach.  Once it was found, shots were had and many many laughs!

Corolla Beach Wedding
They threw their rose petals and celebrated their love on the beach after the rain.
Corolla Beach Wedding

Congratulations you two and thank you so much for including me in your beautiful wedding day!


Underwater Babies | The Swim Lady Outer Banks

Infant Swim (ISR)

Underwater Babies

It always amazes when I get to see babies swimming!!  Christen Buchert taught Poppy how to swim and will also teach Peaches as soon as she is 6 months old.  She teaches ISR (www.infantswim.com) in the Outer Banks and Virginia Beach and I’m honored to get a chance to photograph these sweet children showing off their hard work and talent!

Each child is different and Christen does an amazing job learning each of their personalities and what works for them to make it easiest for each individual to learn how to swim.

I love photographing the babies underwater and seeing them swim with their parents or siblings.  The props the families brought were adorable, Super Hero costumes, capes, balloons, crowns, tutus and golf clubs!


Underwater Babies
Underwater Babies
Underwater Babies
Underwater Babies


Sisters | Poppy & Peaches

Story time!

I had no idea how much these two would love one another and how much their relationship could melt my heart.  Poppy has taken on the role of big sister like I never imagined she would.  She loves to pick her up and carry her, she shares her “hoppu” (her special lovey she sleeps with,) reads to her, lays on the mat and plays…

I was cleaning the kitchen and walked into Pops room and she was picking out a book and telling her the story and showing her all the pictures.  She even put a bow on her head complete with a sticker.

I’m the luckiest gal in the world to have these two and their amazing daddy!!

sisters photography

  • Sarie - Sweet baby girls for a sweet mama and daddy! Yaaaaaaay!

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