Grand Ritz Palm | Lindsey and Anthony

Wedding Weather Break during Hurricane Joaquin


The Outer Banks has taken a beating the past few weeks.  We had a Nor’easter sit on us for a few weeks, just dumping lots of rain, and the wind eroding the beaches.  Once that was finishing, we went right into having Hurricane Joaquin off shore, but still affecting the banks.

Lindsay and Anthony live up north and planned their Outer Banks Destination Wedding with Sugar Snap Events for Duck, NC at the Grande Ritz Palm.  The forecast was so yucky, and a lot of their guests were unable to attend.  Up until the day before the wedding, no one was even sure it was going to happen at all.

The day of the wedding, the skies dried up and we had a perfect blue sky day!  All the days before and afterward have been absolutely horrible, so the anti-rain dance we’ve all been doing may have worked.

Renee Landry Events worked their magic, some of it last minute, as ceremony had to be moved off of the beach because the tide was so high.


Anthony wanted his mom to pin his boutonniere, but being the oldest of his brothers, this was her first time.  She was a little unsure, and judging by his face, he wasn’t completely sure she wasn’t going to stab him with the pin.



Lindsay looking out the window as their ceremony was starting.


So completely happy to be married! Anthony’s brother was a little emotional during the ceremony, which took everyone by surprise! We love catching moments like this!



Lindsay giving her sweet daddypants love as Anthony fingers his new bling.  A habit we see at every wedding!





We were so happy to see a sunset!!! This was our first time seeing the sky in weeks!




To get the party going, Anthony and Lindsay wanted to start it off the way they started their relationship, with a shot and a kiss!





A lot of the guest were unable to attend because of the hurricane. Lindsay’s sister in law filled in as Matron of Honor and in a very short time, made a wonderful speech that had her and everyone else in tears!


Lindsay and Anthony has a very talented friend make the cake. They really got into the cake smash and both ended up with it smeared all over their faces!!

Black Pelican Restaurant catered the event with diner buffet and a gorgeous dessert table!




We love when guest get crazy during the night! It’s always fun when the reception turns pool party!


We can always tell while culling photos if the DJ is playing a Bon Jovi or Journey song.  Anthony and Lindsay had a few fun props for dancing later in the evening and DJ Matt kept everyone dancing!


Thank you so much for having us and braving through the nasty weather for your wedding day!

  • Karen Wenning - Amazing, beautiful stunning photography. Of course gorgeous couple, too. Love seeing your posts Brooke! Keep ’em coming!

OBX Underwater Photos | Halloween

ISR Underwater Family Photography


We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that our girls have taken ISR training with Christen Buchert, The Swim Lady OBX,  and are becoming such little fish!  We live in in area completely surrounded by water, and have recently moved to a house on the river, so water safety and training is necessity.  Poppy has been enrolled for years with Ms. Christen, and now we’ve had Peaches taking float and breath holding classes.

The girls dressed in Halloween colors and we had fun family portrait session underwater to show off their skills!




Silly Shuggie!!

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Fisher is Walking! | OBX Family Portraits

Baby’s first steps


 Fall is such a beautiful time on the Outer Banks!  Warm weather and open beaches make this time of year a local’s favorite!

We have been there for this family’s big milestones, and it’s so fun watching them grow!  Little Fisher is now toddling around!  We are just smitten with his little blonde curls!



Duck Family Portraits

OBX Childhood | Bliss


I met this family last year for their sunny, gorgeous beach portraits on the Outer Banks.  This year, we met in Duck for their gorgeous family portraits, but we were experiencing an Outer Banks nor’easter!  Wind was about 40 miles per hour and we had spotty rain showers.  We got creative, and pulled it off!

Little Riley has the best auburn red hair!  She’s obsessed with mermaids, so after our portraits, we headed to the beach and she put on mermaid costume with a real fin!  She laid in the surf, looking just like Ariel!



Thanks for being so flexible with dodging the rain and wind!


  • Sallie - Candace – thank you for such a great photo shoot in spite of the weather…see you next year!

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