Black and White vs. Color | Headshots


black and white vs. color

We love the off season, it’s a time to play and shoot for us, revisit our style and rejuvenate our creativity.

Looking back at all our images for the past few years, we noticed there aren’t many black and white.  It’s not that we don’t think they are gorgeous and timeless but it’s that we see in color, we visualize in color and plan everything in color.  Removing the color and the background puts the focus solely on the person or object we’re photographing.  It has it’s time and place and is perfect for certain images but color gives a sense of time and place.

We played around with Candace’s head shots and love the black and white ones but the ones we ended up using are in color.  We shoot everything in color but always have the option to turn it to black and white.  Thank goodness for digital.  Even when we shot with film and scanned it in, it became digital and could be changed easily to black and white.

black and white vs. color
black and white vs. color


NC Vineyard Wedding | Sanctuary Vineyards

Fall vineyard wedding and winery reception

I met Allison and William a few months ago for their engagement photos with their cute pup Ruger.  Both are in the military and expecting deployments in the next couple of months.

We had the most gorgeous possible weather for their NC Vineyard Wedding at Sanctuary Vineyards!  The weather for a late October wedding in North Carolina is either amazing or horrible.  We have had a really good year with hurricanes (knock,knock), but it’s just so risky planning months ahead.  There wasn’t even a cloud in the sky, and Allison was even worried for sunburn!

The ceremony was held in the northern Vineyard, with wine barrels at the alter and an old wooden door arch to walk through.  Lots of fall colors with pumpkins and flowers everywhere.  The bridal party arrives in style with a hayride to the ceremony!

NC Vineyard Wedding

Allison and family are from Nebraska, and her dad had some jokes about our size of corn!  Allison had a family friend from Nebraska do her hair and make-up.  I LOVE a birdcage veil!  She looked of old Hollywood, with her veil, vintage style dress and gorgeous tattoos!

The couple played up on the fall theme with loads of jewel tones in flowers and dresses, and candy apples for a guest favor!

NC Vineyard Wedding

Before the ceremony, we did a first look among the tractors and silos.  William was a bit nervous as you can see with the hand rubbing!

NC Winery Wedding
The rings were a snug fit!  Sweet faces make for a great memory at the alter.  The couple also did a wine mixing during the ceremony.  Very fitting as we see a lot of sand mixing for our beach ceremonies.
NC Vineyard Wedding
Harris Teeter did all the flower arrangements.  I love the way those colors stand out!

NC Winery Wedding

NC Vineyard Wedding
The couple held their reception inside the winery.  Currituck BBQ catered and DJ Bruce kept all the guest happy.

NC Vineyard Wedding

NC Vineyard Wedding
A sweet cake cutting with no cake smash.  The groom’s cake was ‘Star Wars’ themed, with silhouettes and quote.  DJ Bruce spotted the Star Wars Lego set atop the cake from across the room!

NC Vineyard Wedding

To Have and to Hold did a fantastic job with coordinating everyone and keeping the show on time!

Thank you so much for having me at your wedding!



Double Stroller Debate | Joovy Too Wins

double stroller debate

To Stroll or Not to Stroll…

Before Peaches arrived, we decided that we did not need a double stroller, Poppy would be 4 and could walk and Peaches could either ride in a carrier on my front or in a stroller.  Decision made.

And then Peaches was here and we were out at a carnival and Poppy got tired (she still takes 2 hour afternoon naps.)  I had a stroller for Peaches but nothing for Poppy.  Instant meltdown.  She insisted on standing on the front of Peaches’ stroller (her old stroller) which made it turn horribly and incredibly uncomfortable for Poppy as she was barely hanging on.  So the search for the perfect double stroller began.

Why I need a double stroller:

-traveling with the kids (with or without John) in airports, it can either carry 2 kids or 1 kid and our carry ons while Poppy walks.

-theme parks, although Poppy is almost 5, she still gets tired walking around Busch Gardens or Disney

-I wanted as stroller that would work from now until Peaches outgrows a stroller, meaning it would hold an infant car seat and has the option for Sit and Stand

-I want them to both be able to nap in the stroller


There were several I thought would work until I went to Babies R Us and looked at them.  I finally decided on a Graco for a few reasons:

1.  when traveling, I could remove the back seat to put luggage to carry through airports as well as Poppy’s carseat.

2.  while it wasn’t compatible with our Chicco infant car seat, it was easy enough to set the car seat in the front seat and strap it in with a bungee cord.

3.  it had the sit and stand option for Poppy.

4.  it had the option to have regular seats, one which faced me which I liked – however the backs were low, which meant that Poppy wouldn’t be able to nap

downfall –  it was 33lbs and while it’s lighter than Poppy, it’s large and awkward.


I then found the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Too Tandem Stroller.

I love it!

-it weighs 21 lbs and folds up with one hand

-has the sit and stand option AND the seat slides forwards and backwards

-has 2 seats that recline with tall backs so both kids can nap comfortably

-has the option for the the infant carrier

-has a snack/drink tray for the front rider

-can hold up to 90lbs

-and it comes in lots of fun bright colors

It arrived today and we will try it out tomorrow, looking forward to Trick or Treating with Peaches tucked in all cozy and Poppy having the ability to jump on and off as she wants!

I’m not one to research my purchases


OBX Family portraits| Sanderling Resort

Outer Banks beach family vacation portraits

OBX Family Portraits.

I met this family at the Sanderling Resort in Duck, NC while they were enjoying their family Outer Banks vacation.  It’s been gorgeous here!  Unseasonably warm weather and beautiful blue skies, warm enough the kids were able to swim in the ocean for a couple of hours!

Julia, and Jackson are the sweetest older siblings to their little Rocco!  I’ve never seen a nicer and well mannered 12 year old boy than Jackson!

The family was visiting from Chapel Hill, and enjoying every bit!  OBX Family portraits.

OBX family portraits


Family Portraits | The Wrights

Sanctuary Vineyards

It is so much easier for me to take families portraits than to have them done of myself and my family.  Choosing the outfits, having everyone up and ready on time and in a good mood is rather stressful and not an easy task!

The morning of these portraits, it could have been melt down city but instead it was the easiest ones we’ve ever done!  I chose what Peaches and I were going to wear the night before.  We had decided Candace would come over at 8am, I didn’t set my alarm as we are always up by 630am so 8am is late for us!  However, the night before was John’s 35th birthday party and although it ended by 9pm, that meant we all went to bed later than usual, so somehow we all were asleep when Candace arrived at 8am!

I jumped in the shower and let Peaches sleep, I told Candace the colors we were wearing and she got Poppy dressed in an outfit she found that matched… this is no easy task as Poppy really had her mind set on wearing her Elsa dress!, but Candace was able to change her mind with a Twix.  John jumped in the shower and put on a blue shirt, once I was dressed, I woke up Peaches, fed her and got her dressed and out the door we went at 815!

All the stars aligned – Peaches usually wakes up around 7 and is up for about an hour and then back down for a nap for a few hours, if woken from her nap, she is crabby but thankfully, she slept late as well and we were able to take these photos.

Poppy adores Candace so she was able to elicit smiles and Peachie Pie was in a wonderful mood!  We even walked around the farm and found Mimi and Pawpaw, however, we didn’t have Mimi, Pawpaw and John together at once.

We were finished by 9am, just in time for Peaches to have her morning nap!

Thank you so much, Candace for being so helpful and for taking these for us!!  It’s much more challenging to be a family of 4 for photos than a family of 3!

Family portraits

Family portraits
Family portraits
Family portraits
Family portraits
Family portraits

  • Sarie - Way to go on these! Yay for a happy, beautiful fammy! And why doesn’t it surprise me in the least that everyone was ready to rock in fifteen minutes despite being startled awake? Talk about rockin’. You guys rule! :-)

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