Outer Banks Proposal | Sanderling Resort

Surprise Beach Proposal


Joseph has been in contact with us secretly for months planning to propose to his girlfriend Emily.  The Outer Banks is Emily’s most favorite place in the whole world, and they love the Sanderling Resort in Duck, NC.

I was sent a picture of the DC couple, and Joseph text me as they were heading out on their beach walk before dinner.  He told me what they were wearing and I was on the look out for them to head over the dunes.  I brought my family along so I could pretend to have a family photo shoot going on at the time they walked down.   I didn’t want my huge telephoto lens to give away anything.  Once the couple were passed me, I made my family angle so I would still appear to be shooting them.

Joseph dropped down on one knee and proposed!  Of course, Emily said yes!  Yes, yes, yes!  She didn’t even give the ring a look for another 10 minutes!





Once Joseph gave me the go ahead to come out of hiding, we had a engagement session for the newly engaged couple!

We love being a part of so many fun life events!  We wish you years, of love and happiness!





First Birthday | Martin’s Peach Orchard

Peaches & Noah

It’s hard to believe these two are already 1 year old! It doesn’t seem like that long ago I was walking around the farm in labor with Peaches and then meeting her for the first time a few hours later.  She came out smiling and hasn’t stopped since!  She’s not a big sleeper but when she’s awake at night she just smiles as soon as you walk in. We are the luckiest family in the world to have this sweet girl, it’s funny how each baby you have is perfect and meant just for you.

We can’t thank Candace enough for always capturing our milestones, maternity (every month!), birth, newborn, new home…  she’s nothing short of amazing.

Last year a week or so before Peaches was born we came over to Martin Vineyards for our maternity session. We had no idea what this year would have in store for us and how much happiness this little life would bring.



Peaches loves all animals, Finn, my sister’s pup makes her giggle up a storm!


She loves to squat and stand but hasn’t taken her first step yet!


She is her daddy’s girl, she lights up when he walks into the room!

first_birthday_7 first_birthday_9

My daddypants, sissy and her son Noah came with us to the orchard.  We love having them so close by and having the kiddos grow up together.


My beautimus sissy and sweet Noah who is only 11 days younger than Peaches, can’t believe it’s been a year since he was in her beautimus belly! What a fun life!!


Her two babies.


The girls and our tunas.


Peaches will take his food anytime, he’s gotten good at protecting it!


Poppy Day, our little monkey!


  • Sarie - It just keeps getting better and better watching your family grow up. So beautiful.

OBX Family Portraits | 4 Tiny Tunas

Fisher Family – Year 7!

OBX Family Portraits

Allison and Justin are so in love, I could see it from the day I met them! Their wedding photos are still some of my favorites even 8 years later – they always look at one another with such love and adoration and it’s only grown stronger 4 tunas later.

These 4 kiddos are so well behaved, listen, are respectful, happy and such a joy to be around! I’ve never seen 3 siblings with so many options of where to play and what to do choose to want to sit and hold their baby brother, they are over the moon with him!

Their beautiful family is complete with their sweet baby Jameson, it’s going to be amazing watching them grow up, what fun to see who they all become!


OBX Family Portraits

Taking a break and laxing out on the trampoline, they just fell into the sweetest little spoons.

OBX Family Portraits

60 sweet little piggies, whew, that’s a lot to clip, heehee.

OBX Family Portraits

Look at those eyes, the only blue eyes out of the 4 of them, looking like his sweet mama!

OBX Family Portraits

Avery was happy to paddle board once she saw she wouldn’t get soaking wet in her dress!  It didn’t take long for them all to swap to bathing suits to go for their adventures!

OBX Family Portraits

Next year baby Jameson will be right there with the bigs!

OBX Family Portraits

They all piled on the swing and were pushed so high, laying on the ground I just heard a swarm of giggles and then I saw two loose arms but they knew to hold him tight as they soared through the air!

OBX Family Portraits

Big sissy tickles are the best!

OBX Family Portraits

They all had the best time searching for bugs – crickets, minnows, butterflies, not afraid at all to hold any of them!

OBX Family Portraits

These two look like little twins with just over a years difference in age! They are best buddies, so curious, gentle and laid back.

OBX Family Portraits


10th wedding anniversary | Nags Head

First Colony Inn


Krystal and Ryan left the kiddos with Nana, and drove five hours south to the Outer Banks to enjoy a few days alone and celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary.  Kristal had done her research, and knew we were up for as much fun as they were!

We love, love, love to hear that!

We met at the First Colony Inn, in Nags Head and walked the short distance to the beach.  There is a gorgeous access, fencing and dunes.  We stayed dry for a while, but when you mention getting wet, or playing hard- our ears perk up like an eager puppy.


After 10 years of marriage and two children, this couple is still smokin’ hot with each other!

nagshead_engage_4 nagshead_engage_2 nagshead_engage_1

Many congrats on your anniversary!

Thanks for hanging out and I hope you had an amazing dinner that night!



Family Portraits | Duck, NC

Outer Banks Family Portraits


We met Cindy and her family at their rental house in Duck, NC.  They are all visiting from different parts of Ohio, many for the first time-and loving the Outer Banks!  They all had the most amazing eye colors!  Gorgeous family, full of love and playfulness.




Thanks for spending time with me on your vacation!


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