Outer Banks Dancer | Eden

Sanctuary Vineyards


Eden is such a talented dancer! Not only was she jumping incredibly high with beautiful form but she was in sand, dirt, rocks and sand spurs barefooted or in ballet shoes which have little protection and she makes it look so easy!

We had originally wanted to shoot overlooking a city but when we saw the field of mustard greens we knew the field was a must!

I have always WANTED to dance but have no rhythm so the next best thing is photographing dancers, their shape and form is mesmerizing!

Outer Banks Dancer outer banks dancer outer banks dancer outer banks dancer

She looks like a fairy princess here!

outer banks dancer outer banks dancer


Robbie hearts Meghan | Sanctuary Vineyards

Currituck vineyard wedding and winery reception


Robbie and Meghan were married this weekend at Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg, NC.  We’ve met the couple a few times over the past year and were really excited to see all the hard work and ideas they’ve had come to life!

Meghan’s mom is the sweetest lady, and made me feel so comfortable right from the beginning!  The bridal parties used the upstairs getting ready rooms at the winery, just a short distance away from the vineyard they were to marry in.

Meghan and her father drove right up to the shut doors, building that first look anticipation until the moment she walked down the aisle.




After the ceremony, we always take time to do the family and wedding party portraits. After we finish we send everyone on their way to cocktail hour while we have private time with the bride and groom. During portraits with Robbie and Meghan we realized we were without a ride back to reception. Although not a far drive, it’s a little bit of a trek when in wedding attire. We made a phone call and the best of our short walk with portraits along the way until we were picked up.


Meghan’s sister Marissa had prepared a sweet toast, complete with props for Robbie to keep his new wife happy!


Elton, who has been referred to as ‘The most interesting man in the 252′, pours Meghan a glass of one of Sanctuary Vineyards most popular wines, Sweet Serenity.  The tasting room provides a more quiet area during the wedding.  It’s gorgeous too, with its copper topped bar and oak barrels.



We snuck the bride and groom away while the guests were finishing their Currituck BBQ dinner for a quick kiss behind oak barrels.  The winery is a working winery when not being used for receptions.  The oak barrels and chilling tanks make for a neat back ground.


Meghan and Robbie wanted to catch the sunset on the creek at the back of the farm.  They were so fun and up for trying out all of my ideas, from creaky wooden docks to a flooded boat.




Many thanks to my assistant Robin for holding lights where ever I needed them.  I love this picture of the bride and groom at the winery bay doors.


Everyone loves a sparkler exit, but it may not always be possible depending on wind and how dry it is.  Luckily for us, we had a perfect spring day!


Robbie and Meghan were completely surprised when they saw the car they had to drive back to Virginia in!


Congratulations and thank you so much for having me!



Spring Mini Sessions | Sanctuary Vineyards

Godfrey Family


These three came over to Sanctuary Vineyards for our Portrait Party that benefits the Outer Banks Surfrider Foundation , Not the Answer NC to oppose offshore drilling.

This sweet little Mason is only 3 years old but is soooo mature, he kept running to all the equipment on the farm and telling his daddy what it did and asking to drive it, he was in heaven in the dirt!  I love this one of him and his mama, they have the best smiles!


Spring Mini Sessions

Soon, Mason is going to be taller than his daddy!!

Spring Mini Sessions

Loving playing in the tractor wheel – all boy!

Spring Mini Sessions

Love the overalls complete with his John Deere boots!!

Spring Mini Sessions


Zooey Deschanel | Hello Giggles

Jill hearts Becky

Jill Layton is an incredible writer and a contributing author of Hello Giggles.  She wrote a funny, real and raw post about her feelings on her wedding day to her sugarbutt, Becky.

Gasp!  Zoe Deschanel shared it!!

Go NC for finally allowing same sex weddings and THANK YOU Becks and Jill for having Candace photograph your gorgeous and oh so fun day, loved your choreographed daddy daughter dance!!



  • Becky - WE LOVE YOU GIRLS!

Paperless Post | What Makes a Good Photo for a Card?

Can you count the amount of photos or illustrations you see per day, whether it’s TV, billboards, Facebook or Instagram?  We can’t either!

We are surrounded with visual imagery so when you send an invitation to someone you want to make sure it’s something that they will remember and want to keep.  Many invitations without words on the front may even end up on your friend or families wall or in a frame.

You want it to be emotionally engaging, funny, beautiful or something your viewer can relate to.  Many magazine’s front cover will have the subject looking at the camera so it’s more eye catching.  Of course, based on your event, your imagery may be tamer than the photos below, however, here are a few examples…

This was used on their invitation to their anniversary shindig…


This one was used on their house warming invitation, 4 legged friends were also invited.


B r o w s e   B l o g