Endless Fields of Yellow Flowers | Currituck

The Newberns

This gorgeous family is to thank for the beautiful yellow fields that have been making us all smile in amazement as we drive through Currituck County!

They planted rapeseed which makes canola oil, I couldn’t think of a more beautiful and perfect use for this land.  I love that they are farming the land and growing food for us and our kids.

They are an absolute hoot, I can’t believe they had a mud fight in their gorgeous clothes totally unplanned!!  It was so much fun and I loved seeing their real personalities and watch them have fun on their land.

endless fields of yellow flowersHe sank in the mud so much he flipped over!
endless fields of yellow flowers


endless fields of yellow flowers


endless fields of yellow flowers

  • Sarie - That mud fight photo is a riot! Way to go!

Outer Banks Headshots | Brooke & Candace

Sanctuary Vineyards

We never know what will happen when we get together for our headshots, this time it started raining as we were finishing and we ended up in the beautiful yellow field of mustard behind the winery.  Peaches came with us so at the end Candace took some sweet snuggly shots of me with my 9 month old!

It’s always a different experience being photographed instead of being the photographer but I think it’s important to have my photo taken often to remind me how my clients feel when I’m photographing them and to have photos of me for my children to see one day when I’m much much older.  I want them to be able to look back at my life and see how much fun it was.

Happiness is something you make for yourself and you choose everyday, it’s how you view the world and we hope to pass that on to the girls.  We always say,

“Make Good Decisions, Have Big Adventures.”  I hope we always do.

Outer Banks Headshots Outer Banks Headshots Outer Banks Headshotsro

  • Sarie - Yaaaaaaay! :-)

9 Months | Peaches Dupree

Big Changes!

9 months hit and things are a changin’!

Peaches got 2 teeth, started staying “mama, dadda and nana,” started crawling and pulling up!  It’s gotten busy to say the least!!  I love, love, love every second of it!!!  Those sweet thighs, big cheeks, gummy grin, those two little teefers, I wish she could stay this little forever!!  We sat outside today and fed the ladies raisins.  Peaches wasn’t so sure at first and then she just wanted to grab them!


9 months 9 months 9 months 9 months

  • Sarie - Way to go, Peachie Pie!

Spring on the Farm! | Sanctuary Vineyards

Loening Family

These kiddos favorite part of the shoot was all the running and being hung upside down by their feet!  At one point I had them sit on their buns on the ground and they got covered in ants – whoops!!  It made for lots of laughs and a few screams but no bites.

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful afternoon at Sanctuary Vineyards for our mini session!  Their outfits were perfect, I loved the greens, yellows and blues in the mustard flowers.


spring on the farm

Babies and bubbles can’t be beat!!

spring on the farmS


Mother Daughter Portraits | Baking


Taylor and her mama have always been super close, they said there was one time when she was 16 for less than a month where they argued.  That’s incredible, I hope I can have a relationship like that with Poppy and Peaches. Both her parents are super supportive and up for tons of adventures, after this shoot they were going sky diving!

Lovies Salon in Corolla did a gorgeous job on their hair!! mothers_day_1They have always cooked and baked together so it was only suiting that they have photos of them together in the kitchen, mothers_day_2Her mama’s 5 month old pup wanted some sweets too!  Naught dolphin but oh-so-cute! mothers_day_3 mothers_day_4

B r o w s e   B l o g