July 4th Portraits | Celebrating Our New Old Home

Mayo/Wright Family

John and I have lived on his family’s farm since we have been together, the same home John grew up in with his mom and dad.  It was perfect, we had all the room on the farm to go and play, ride bikes, run dogs, keep our piggie pie and chickens.  We had always thought it was our forever home until one night when my dad came in town and told us to go out to dinner while they watched the girls.

John drove me by this beautiful home on our way to dinner and said he just wanted to show it to me.  I started crying when I saw it.  It reminds me of the home I grew up in.  My favorite memories of my childhood were playing by the water, catching minnows and putting the critters I caught in a wheelbarrow before school and letting them go when I got home and then jumping on the trampoline all afternoon.

As soon as I saw this gorgeous home I thought living here would be so great for the kids, a perfect place to grow up.  Heaven on earth.

I immediately wrote the owner on our way to dinner who John knew and asked her what was wrong with it.  She said nothing was wrong and we made the decision at dinner to do everything we could to make it our forever home.  As soon as we walked into dinner, John ordered a glass of champagne, which he never does!

We went and looked at it the next day with my dad and John’s mama.  I feel like I walked through it with my eyes closed because I didn’t even want to imagine it could be ours if it wasn’t possible.  I didn’t want to notice the walls were painted perfect colors, or that there was a barn where we could have horses or that one of the rooms has a sink in the middle of the room and could be Poppy’s art station.  I was overwhelmed with excitement and fear that I had gotten my hopes up to be let down.

A long story short,  my dream came true and we moved in a few weeks later.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and am so grateful to the owner for selling it to us!

It was built in 1864 – what an amazing history the home has!

Many thanks to Candace for photographing our family, she knows us all so well and does a superior job in capturing us and our relationships.


Pops loves going and trying to catch crabs and minnows in the water and Peaches has a ball sitting in the shallow water splashing!


Peaches just started pulling up this month and now we can’t keep her down!  She is the happiest little girl!


Such a fun rope swing!

july_4th_11 july_4th_7

Sassy little lady!


Her favorite way to swing, run under the swing so you go super high!

july_4th_9 july_4th_10

GG, Nana and family. GG gave us the gorgeous home on the Trent River to grow up on that made me fall in love with this particular home.


The most genuine Mimi who loves with her whole heart.  I can’t believe she’s my mama in love.  I couldn’t have hand picked a better family.

july_4th_3 july_4th_4

Mimi gave us the encouragement to make the leap off the farm and to the water, she gave us tons of advice and lots of love.

july_4th_12 july_4th_17 july_4th_22 july_4th_23

  • Michele Mazzio - WOW!! JUST WOW!!! Such wonderful photos. I love each and every one.

  • Sarie - Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! This is such a great post! We are so happy for you all! Congratulations! :-)

  • dorothy - so happy for you all! there is nothing like a dream come true!

Currituck Restaurant | Thyme and Tide

Sanctuary Vineyards and The Cotton Gin

Currituck Restaurant

I am so proud of shuggie and his family!  They have been wanting to open a restaurant inside The Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg for years and it has finally happened!!!

Introducing Thyme and Tide inside the north end of the Cotton Gin!

Open each day from 8-2 except Tuesday and for dinner on Thursday nights during Acoustic Sunset.

They serve sandwiches on homemade bread, yes, HOMEMADE!!  White or wheat or they offer wraps.  Even their bagels are handmade and the veggie cream cheese has veggies from right on the farm!! Right now it’s lots of squash and zucchini, yum!

They have bear claws, cinnamon buns, bagel sandwiches, and the best lattes for breakfast!

Lunch is a fabulous mixture of salads with the freshest ingredients, veggie and meat sammys.  My favorite is the veggie wrap add tuna salad.  Yum!!

They have homemade chocolate chip cookies, “whoopie pies” and brownies almost everyday, what could be better!?

Come sit under the pine trees overlooking the vineyard, enjoy good conversation, a glass of wine and a meal.  We look forward to seeing you!!

Currituck Restaurant Currituck Restaurant Currituck Restaurant Currituck Restaurant Currituck Restaurant Currituck Restaurant Currituck Restaurant Currituck Restaurant Currituck Restaurant Currituck Restaurant

  • Sarie - Congratulations! It looks fantastic! Good luck (and fabulous name)! :-)

Sanderling Family Portraits | Phillips Family

Fun and Laughter!

Sanderling Family Portraits

I can’t believe Tripp is already going into the second grade and is missing all these teeth, where has the year gone??  His favorite part of the shoot was playing on the beach and making a sand angel, he got lost in the magical moment!

Sanderling Resort is the perfect backdrop for family photos, the decks, lawns, beach, sound and lobby are all gorgeous and provide such diversity!



Such a pretty interior, love the nautical pillows and decor.



Nags Head Beach Portraits | The Jones Family

Family Vacation

Nags Head Beach Portraits

I love seeing Mary Mac each year during their family beach vacation and this year was extra special as her sister Louise was here!!  She is the smartest 10 month old, can already say ball and Murph (their pup) among other words and wants to walk so bad!

I also got to meet their grandparents and cousins, now I see where they all get their gorgeous thick hair from!

They stay at an old Nags Head style home each year which is so gorgeous and quaint, I love the green shutters and sweet benches out front, not to mention the gazebo by the ocean, perfect for an evening cocktail!

Nags Head Beach Portraits nags_head_beach_portraits_7 nags_Head_portraits_10And did I mention her dad’s a dentist and she has an impeccable smile!


He’s discovering the sound of the ocean in the conch – love!

nagshead_beach_portraits_4 nagshead_beach_portraits_6


Grandma’s 90th Birthday! | OBX vacation

Outer Banks family vacation


We met this family in Corolla for portraits in celebration of Grandma’s 90th birthday!  Family came from all over the country to stay for a week and party!

The boys here took a break from portraits to cool off in the water.  The OBX ocean temps have been lovely lately!  With the record breaking temperatures we’ve been having, it’s been heavenly!


B r o w s e   B l o g