Sanderling Resort Wedding | Brett hearts Kelsey

Outer Banks July 4th Week

Sanderling Resort Wedding

Kelsey and Brett got married on July 2nd at Sanderling Resort which looked gorgeous all decorated for the upcoming holiday!

They met at the bar where Brett worked, Kelsey said she had her eyes on him for months but it wasn’t until her friend went on a date with his friend that they really met and from that day forward it’s history.

They had a beautiful OBX day, slightly overcast with a breeze and no rain until the reception which made the outdoor deck perfect for their first dances with all the reflections!


One guest even had on patriotic sunglasses.


They had their Outer Banks wedding on the beach at the North side of Sanderling Resort.


Sugarsnap Events did a phenomenal job on their decor, bright and beachy – the air plants were our favorites! Their invitation was so pretty, the texture, color and watercolor feel made me want to be at their wedding asap!


Kelsey’s veil was oh so pretty, I can’t imagine how she felt walking down the steps to the perfect waves, gentle breeze, the love of her life and all of her friends and family.  It’s an amazing time to have everyone you and your husband love all together in one place. Rev. Jay Bowman led an intimate ceremony and told stories about the couple that made it seem that he had known them for years.


Someone made a perfect sandcastle that morning before they said “I Do.” Love how Candace incorporated it.


Kelsey and Brett wrote their own vows which were so sweet.


The flower petals at the end were the perfect touch!


Not only do the Sanderling umbrellas make a beautiful backdrop, they helped keep all the fellas cool on the warm July day!

sanderling_08 sanderling_09Lovely ladybugs!


They had their reception inside at the Event House and their dancing outside on the deck overlooking the fire pit.  They even provided smores for everyone in the tootest bags.

sanderling_26 sanderling_11 sanderling_12 sanderling_13

Their buffet consisted of shrimp and grits, a Mac and Cheese bar, pork belly sliders, bacon, beef tenderloin, brie cheese, succotash… the list goes on and on!

sanderling_food_2 sanderling_food_3

sanderling_food sanderling_14

And we love how Sanderling leaves a plate of their appetizers that were served at cocktail hour on the couples table so they get to sample some of all the food they worked so hard to choose!


The shower came right after dinner and just before their first dances, it was perfect timing!


Without the rain we wouldn’t have had the beautimus reflections!


The fire pit is always a hit and not only for the kiddos! Guests picked up their bag of smores inside and headed outside to find a roasting stick waiting for them.

sanderling_17 sanderling_18

And these two even braved the rain!


Congratulations lovebugs – sending a lifetime of love and snuggles!


Outer Banks Family | Noah & Poppy


Outer Banks Family

It is such a treat to have Turkey, Noah and Josh come stay with us!  Seeing all the kiddos playing and enjoying one another, learning from each other and having fun makes my heart so happy.  As I drove away one evening, I saw them all outside and it was just like a family compound.  I wish they would stay forever!

Noah has the best smile and is full of energy, love and is so gentle.  Peaches loves to grab him and he lets her.  Poppy likes to pull on him like he’s a rag doll and he lets her, too.  My kiddos the brutes.  Pops picks them up and carries them around and makes sure the littles don’t eat anything yucky off the floor.  Big girl police.

Outer Banks FamilySweet Noah has fun on the paddle board, any water play and he’s in heaven!

Outer Banks Family

And this furry fuzzball is Olive.  Poppy’s first cat!! We knew it was the one when Poppy picked her up and threw her over her shoulder, Peaches pulled on her paw and she loves to be inside and outside!

Olive lets Poppy put her in a stroller, swing with her, sleeps on her chest and meows when she wants to go outside.  We lucked out!!

Welcome to the family Olive!!

Outer Banks Family

  • Sarie - Allie and Noah are so beautiful! Yay for fun photos!

    And welcome, Olive!

Carova Beach | 50th Wedding Anniversary

Family reunion on the Outer Banks

We met our family all the way at the tippy top of our Outer Banks beaches for their family reunion to celebrate a 50 year wedding anniversary!  Everyone coordinated their colors, but didn’t match exactly, which we love!

This family loves to play, so we took our posed family portraits and then had a bunch of playtime!  Fin was especially happy to be jumping around and throwing his pop’s in the water!

carova_portraits_1 carova_portrais_2 carova_portraits_2

Congrats of the anniversary!!



Sanderling Wedding | Duck, NC

Erin hearts Richard

 Sanderling Wedding

Erin and Richard had a gorgeous beach wedding at Sanderling Resort in Duck, NC with their reception overlooking the Currituck Sound in the Pavilion.  Sanderling is the perfect wedding venue, you have the ocean, sound and accommodations for your guests.  They have 5 star restaurants, water activities (paddleboarding, surfing, SUP) and the best service and wedding planners around – there is no need to leave the resort!

sanderling weddingThe girls got ready down the road and came to the lobby for their finishing touches before Erin and Richard’s first look upstairs in the Beach House.
sanderling wedding

Erin’s walking upstairs so see her groom.

sanderling wedding sanderling wedding

Their “baby” Tallulah was their maid of honor – Erin said she always knows she’s going somewhere special when she wears a tutu! sanderling wedding

After their first look they had  little game of corn hole before the ceremony.

sanderling weddingBells and Whistles did such a great job on their flowers and decor!!
sanderling wedding

Erin’s dress was a handmade seersucker with a peephole in the back that had bright pink fabric underneath and their names and dates sewn in the inside.  I love how the sash is made to look like waves!

sanderling wedding

All their colors looked like the ocean!

sanderling wedding

sanderling wedding

Their ceremony site was so pretty, I love the driftwood and flowing fabric that Bells and Whistles used.

sanderling wedding

sanderling wedding

The tea, water and lemonade stand was so refreshing!

sanderling wedding

Erin and Richard thought ahead and had fans during their ceremony as well.

sanderling weddingGreat thumbs up from the best man!

sanderling wedding sanderling wedding sanderling wedding

Tallulah approves!

sanderling wedding sanderling wedding

Their wedding as on the same day same sex marriages became legalized!

sanderling wedding

The inside of the pavilion was so pretty. the fabric draped, the lights, the blue and lanterns, love!!

sanderling wedding sanderling wedding sanderling wedding sanderling wedding sanderling wedding

I love where Sanderling put the couples table, so they could see all their guests and perfect for us as they had the gazebo and sunset behind them!

sanderling wedding

The impromptu passionate kiss that no one expected.

sanderling wedding

The bridal party goofing off under the gazebo doing chin ups.

sanderling wedding

All the ladies giving the groomy a kiss.

sanderling wedding

Toast time!

sanderling wedding

Their buffet was sooo beautimus and delicious, they had grilled fish, salad, beef tenderloin, and even a chocolate bar!

sanderling wedding

On the other side was pork, corn, potatoes, yum!

sanderling wedding

Grilled mahi – mmmm!!

sanderling wedding

Distinct Delights made all these yummy chocolates for the end of the night!

sanderling wedding

That heavenly caramel!!

sanderling wedding sanderling wedding

They were making a wedding quilt where everyone signed and wrote their well wishes.  Their grandbabies are going to love this!

sanderling wedding

Just Desserts made their chocolate eclair cake which as always, was out of this world!

sanderling wedding sanderling wedding sanderling wedding sanderling wedding sanderling wedding

So magical at night!

sanderling wedding

For their exit they had ribbon wands which were super fun!

sanderling wedding sanderling wedding sanderling wedding sanderling wedding

They ran through their guests and the ribbons on the dock by the gazebo for their exit.

sanderling wedding


July 4th Portraits | Celebrating Our New Old Home

Mayo/Wright Family

John and I have lived on his family’s farm since we have been together, the same home John grew up in with his mom and dad.  It was perfect, we had all the room on the farm to go and play, ride bikes, run dogs, keep our piggie pie and chickens.  We had always thought it was our forever home until one night when my dad came in town and told us to go out to dinner while they watched the girls.

John drove me by this beautiful home on our way to dinner and said he just wanted to show it to me.  I started crying when I saw it.  It reminds me of the home I grew up in.  My favorite memories of my childhood were playing by the water, catching minnows and putting the critters I caught in a wheelbarrow before school and letting them go when I got home and then jumping on the trampoline all afternoon.

As soon as I saw this gorgeous home I thought living here would be so great for the kids, a perfect place to grow up.  Heaven on earth.

I immediately wrote the owner on our way to dinner who John knew and asked her what was wrong with it.  She said nothing was wrong and we made the decision at dinner to do everything we could to make it our forever home.  As soon as we walked into dinner, John ordered a glass of champagne, which he never does!

We went and looked at it the next day with my dad and John’s mama.  I feel like I walked through it with my eyes closed because I didn’t even want to imagine it could be ours if it wasn’t possible.  I didn’t want to notice the walls were painted perfect colors, or that there was a barn where we could have horses or that one of the rooms has a sink in the middle of the room and could be Poppy’s art station.  I was overwhelmed with excitement and fear that I had gotten my hopes up to be let down.

A long story short,  my dream came true and we moved in a few weeks later.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and am so grateful to the owner for selling it to us!

It was built in 1864 – what an amazing history the home has!

Many thanks to Candace for photographing our family, she knows us all so well and does a superior job in capturing us and our relationships.


Pops loves going and trying to catch crabs and minnows in the water and Peaches has a ball sitting in the shallow water splashing!


Peaches just started pulling up this month and now we can’t keep her down!  She is the happiest little girl!


Such a fun rope swing!

july_4th_11 july_4th_7

Sassy little lady!


Her favorite way to swing, run under the swing so you go super high!

july_4th_9 july_4th_10

GG, Nana and family. GG gave us the gorgeous home on the Trent River to grow up on that made me fall in love with this particular home.


The most genuine Mimi who loves with her whole heart.  I can’t believe she’s my mama in love.  I couldn’t have hand picked a better family.

july_4th_3 july_4th_4

Mimi gave us the encouragement to make the leap off the farm and to the water, she gave us tons of advice and lots of love.

july_4th_12 july_4th_17 july_4th_22 july_4th_23

  • Michele Mazzio - WOW!! JUST WOW!!! Such wonderful photos. I love each and every one.

  • Sarie - Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! This is such a great post! We are so happy for you all! Congratulations! :-)

  • dorothy - so happy for you all! there is nothing like a dream come true!

  • Samantha Page - We love your new home – Emerson even asked if she thought you would trade us :-) Such a gorgeous family and one hot mama!! I want to eat Peaches’ sweet little thighs up!!!

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