Sanctuary Vineyards | Baby Noah

4 Months Young

Sanctuary Vineyards

I am the luckiest gal in the world to have Turkey as my sister! She is so sweet and the ultimate nurturer.   Her adorable son, Noah, is the happiest little fella and is soooo strong!  At 4 months he’s sitting, can stand and hold on to something and is a little chatter box!  He’s a toddler in a 4 month old body!

It’s such a treat when they come to visit us, we get to chat, bake brownies, have tiny tuna time and go for walks – she is such a fabulous baker, I can’t resist eating tons of whatever she comes up with!  Little Noah just started taking 1.5 hour naps instead of tiny little cat naps, yipppeee!!  Now maybe Turkey can get a little snooze in too!

Timing naps with these little ones is not easy!  We planned to start shooting as soon as he woke up which I’m so glad we did, by the end of it he was super ready for his morning nap.  I got to photograph him alone with Turkey got ready and as soon as she was dressed she came out to play. Thankfully, it wasn’t a cold December day and we could have some nakey time out on the farm at Sanctuary Vineyards.

I love his little dimples on his buns, it doesn’t get much cuter than that, totally squeezable!


The cloth diapers are sooo cute, the mustaches are too much!


It’s going to be so much fun watching these two grow up together, at 11 days apart they are almost like twins!



Outer Banks Farm Portraits

Sanctuary Vineyards

Outer Banks Farm Portraits

These three came over to Sanctuary Vineyards to play, we couldn’t decide where to shoot as his newborn pics were pretty funny, he was getting licked by a cow at Island Farm! It’s hard to top that but I think we got some beautiful family photos that document him at this age and their super sweet threesome.

Little Fisher was all smiles until it was nap time and then a little bit of milk and he was good to go again!  They brought some adorable hats, a blanket his Gma made for him and the cutest little ECU shoes.  We had him by the silos and in a big tractor wheel by the end.  There was lots of water in the wheel but luckily it was ice so with a blanket he was good to go!



Outer Banks Farm Portraits


Sneads Ferry Portraits | Baby Tag

7 Weeks Young


Sneads Ferry Portraits

We have been on the go for the last 2 weeks, in Florida and then Myrtle Beach for John’s work and on the way back home we got to stop in Sneads Ferry to meet sweet little Tag who is just 7 weeks old.  He was so alert and easy going, didn’t even mind going outside for a few photos even though it was chilly.

His daddy is in the military so it was only suiting he snuggle up with one of his shirts and since it’s almost Christmas we had to get some with the tree and the adorable sleigh his mama had out! We even got to go outside for a few even thought it was chilly.

7 weeks is such a fun age, they are filling out, sleeping more and getting so alert and starting to recognize their mom and dad. I loved watching him look around and pay attention to everything around him, he especially loved the tree and lights!


Sneads Ferry Portraits


Currituck Newborn | Baby Beau

7 Weeks Young

Currituck Newborn

These two met in college at Virginia Tech, they are so sweet together and adore children.  They are the best aunts and uncles and always take such an interest to any little one who is around.  I was so excited to hear they were going to be having a baby!  Sweet little Beau is the cutest and was up for anything! Thank goodness it was a warmer day so we could take him outside for a few photos.  I love the ducky outfit they had for him, the feet were my favorite!  It’s amazing how much they grow in just a few short weeks, they start to be so much more alert and start getting a little baby chunk, which is my favorite part of babies!



Currituck Newborn
Currituck Newborn


Surprise proposal | Ocracoke Island

Outer Banks Engagement


We have been talking with Blake for months and planning out his proposal to Kalyn!  12-13-14 is the most perfect date to do it!

The couple live in Alabama, Blake secretly planned a trip to the Outer Banks for her.  She didn’t know where they were heading until they were on their way!!  He also booked us to meet them at the Ocracoke Lighthouse on Ocracoke Island.  Kalyn didn’t have a clue she was even getting a photo shoot!  Blake told her to dress for a nice dinner, so complete surprise when she saw me!  It’s so nerve wracking for me, as I don’t want to blow the surprise!

I was to act like I had forgot my speaker for music that I would play to loosen them up, and then Blake would bring out his music which he’d loaded with a complete playlist for them to listen to as I photographed.  About mid-way through, there was a song he waiting for to drop down on one knee and propose!!!



Kalyn was shocked!! Blake had the perfect ring they had looked at together!  This was their first OBX trip, and had toured all the lighthouses on the Outer Banks.  Now they have a great meaningful get away for their future family!


Afterwards we walked the trail at Springer’s Point to Teach’s Hole where they had a little snuggle time and Kalyn face-timed her momma and daddy to tell them her news!


Congrats to you two!!! So glad we capture such a meaningful part of your love story!


  • Sarie - Aww! I love well-planned proposals. This is beautiful. Congrats to the happy couple, and great shots, Candace!

  • Mindy Lovell - Thank you for capturing these amazing moments for my sweet baby girl and her fantastic fiance. You did an amazing job

    One proud momma

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