Boudoir | Outer Banks

Letters from Boot Camp

Boudoir, military wife, outer banks boudoir

These two haven’t been able to see one another in several months as he has been away at boot camp but they have been writing the sweetest love letters back and forth, it reminds me of the couples in the movie Pearl Harbor.  She gets absolute giddy each time a new one arrives and she reads it over and over again.  She sent him one of her t-shirts sprayed with perfume and the next time she sees him, she will have some beautiful boudoir photos to share with him!

She’s super shy and he will never ever expect such a sexy surprise!  She had the most beautiful outfits, lingerie as well as his ARMY jacket which is very manly looking but with nothing on under it is super sexy!


Boudoir Photography


Family Reunion | Corolla

Family Beach Photography


I met this huge group for their Family Reunion in Corolla, NC.  They came from all over, but the ‘originals’ hail from the Bronx.  The Northern beaches are really nice for portraits.  They have the white, powdery sand and are very wide which was great for such a large group.

We start with the big group of everyone and then break down to each individual family.  For a group this size we recommend at least a two hour session.  This allowed us to get everyone and still have some play time near the end.

family reunion

Brooke took this family’s portraits ten years ago! They had a cell picture of a portrait that has been hanging in their home since then. It was actually the last time they had portraits done, so they wanted to recreate this portrait exactly. The kids have grown a teesy bit, but were completely up for it!!

family reunion

Thanks for having to your family reunion!!



Beach Portraits| Corolla, NC

11 Grandbabies!

Beach Portraits, non traditional beach portraits, fun beach portraits

It was so fun to photograph these families on the beach in Corolla, NC again this year.  The last time was 2 years ago and my how they have grown, they even have a new little bit who is absolutely adorable! I can only imagine how much fun they have all day playing on the beach and in the pool, growing up with 10 cousins would be the best!

As I drove to Corolla, there were a few rain drops but luckily the bottom didn’t fall out, it was the perfect amount of overcast skies to be able to start shooting a bit earlier than 7pm and not have to worry about squinting when the ocean was in the background!  We couldn’t have planned it more perfectly!

I photographed each of the individual families, the kids from each family, the mom with the kids, the dad with the kids, the whole group, all the cousins, grandparents with the kiddos and lots of them all playing together!

Here are a couple of my favorite groupings, the grandparents with all their grandbabies and all the cousins frolicking on the beach.

Beach Portraits


Outer Banks Portraits | Coquina

Vacation family photography

This family had a little family reunion of a vacation in Nags Head this summer.  While everyone was all in one place they decided to throw together a fun play date and have their Outer Banks Portraits done.

We met at Coquina beach in the evening once the temps cooled down for a frolic along the southern beaches.  The little guy get tossed in the air there is Atticus, named after one of my favorite books!


outer banks portraits

Outer banks Portraits

Thanks for playing with us during your OBX visit!



Beach Portraits | Outer Banks

Postle Family in Nags Head, NC

non traditional beach portraits, fun beach portraits

We had originally planned our beach portraits in Nags Head for 7pm but considering the kiddos schedules we all decided 7am was the way to go.  All the kids were in great moods and we had the most gorgeous morning light coming up over the ocean!  They also had a beautiful stairwell and walkway surrounded with beach grass which made for a perfect backdrop!

There were 9 family members, so I photographed several groupings of them all together, the grandparents with the grandbabies, all the cousins, each family, the parents from each family and the kiddos from each family. We did some slightly more posed in the dunes with the dunes and water in their background as well as lots of them running and playing in the water.  We try to capture not only what each person looks like but their relationship to one another and their personalities.  The water was a bit cool but it didn’t seem to bother the kiddos too much!

We love blues and pastels when we’re shooting on the beach, the yellow sand and green grass are perfect compliments to the soft purples, blues, yellows or greens.


beach portraits

beach portraits

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