Currituck Family | The Bass’

Rolfe & Grigsby

Currituck Family

This family is so funny, Josh Bass insists he lives in Moyock although he lives right under the Currituck water tower.  They are Currituck through and through.

We had a cold morning at Mrs. Snowden’s for photos but the boys did great. When left alone Rolfe just wanted to crawl all over Grigsby and although Grigsby is much taller, they are pretty close in size!  I adore their outfits, they fit their families personality perfectly!


Currituck Family


Outer Banks Kids | Why Not Climb Trees in High Heels?

Poppy & Peaches

Outer Banks Kids

This girl is full of spunk!  She loves her girly clothes, dresses, high heels, make-up, jewelery… but she will go out and play all over the farm, jump in mud puddles and climb trees all while wearing her tutus and tap shoes.

Who knew a simple rope would be her favorite Christmas gift? It is a close tie with her Elsa high heels!


Outer Banks Kids

Peachie Pie just laid on the trampoline and giggled at her.  I can’t wait until they are both big enough to play together!

Outer Banks Kids

When we got in from outside Poppy was hanging some toys for Peaches, I love her somber look.

Outer Banks Kids

  • Sarie - We love Poppy and Peaches! :-)

Military Retirement Ceremony | US Air force

Celebrating 20 years of service in Goldsboro, NC


We’re so happy to celebrate with Todd and his family as they celebrate his Military Retirement from the US Air force.  This was my first time seeing such a ceremony and it was truly inspiring to see the honor and hear of the sacrifice of these men and women for our country.

We known the Halstead family for years, and love seeing how they grow!  The Halstead girls are full of spunk and it’s refreshing to see the life that children bring to situations.  Little Mei Lin was due for a nap, and took the time during the ceremony for a little snoozle!  Had to be ready for the cake and reception to follow!!

US Air force

I love that they included Todd’s wife Kiri, and their two girls Mieko and Mei Lin into the ceremony by giving them awards for their endurance and sacrifice too.  Although Todd is the one actually serving, these ladies had to do without and be there for support.

Mieko loved her star medal.  Mei Lin slept through her award, but I’m sure she’ll love it as much as her skull ring!

US Air force  There was a beautiful folding of the flag ceremony.  Each fold represents something different, and was folded and handed off to Todd, who then presented to Kiri.

us air forceAfter cake and greetings on the Air Force base, we all headed over to the Chef and the Farmer restaurant in Kinston for a nice dinner and continuation of the celebration.  The restaurant is only a block away from the Mother Earth Brewery and they had local beer for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you for having us document your retirement.  We hope you get to spend much more time enjoying your family!



Sibling Portraits | Poppy & Peaches

5 Months and 4 2/3’s Years Old

Sibling Portraits

Peachie Pie is quite the smiler!  She is so easy going and loves being doted on by her big sis, even if that means being tossed around a bit!  Poppy Day has the best intentions and being rewarded by coos and giggles fuels those snuggles even more!

Poppy was so excited to be 4 1/2 and then one day she asked why she had been 4 1/2 for so long??  John had to break down the timing for her they decided she was 4 2/3rds now instead of 4 1/2.  This made Pops pleased as punch although she keeps asking why she is still 4 and 2 years.

Peachie is rolling over and grabbing for her toes or anything else she can reach and she just got oatmeal for the first time which she seemed to enjoy, she would open her mouth and make bubbles which made Poppy laugh.  Feeding her sis is one of her new favorite things to do.

It’s amazing how much changes with both kids in just a month, Pops has become much more interested in reading and books and Peachie in food and she is so much more social.  I love how every day is so different!



Sibling Portraits Sibling Portraits

Our little hell on wheels!  At least she can’t reach the gas pedal yet!!

Sibling Portraits Sibling Portraits

  • Sarie - Peachie Pie and Pop Shop! I LOVE watching them grow and learn! What miracles they are. :-) These are fabulous! I love all of Peachie Pie’s tummy rolls in the first photo—hee hee! Pop Shop “driving” the golf cart is a hoot! Look at that face! :-)

    Love to all of you!!

Currituck Baby Portraits | Chilton & Sifer

2 Weeks Young and Almost 3!

Currituck Baby Portraits

It’s hard to believe just a couple of weeks ago we were out on the water taking Liv’s maternity photos!  It’s amazing how the human body works, that we can make the sweet children and they live inside us for 10 months and then one day they are just here and it seems like they have always been here.

Liv and Hunter have the sweetest and most laid back kiddos.  Sifer has always been a “go with the flow” kinda gal and baby Chilton is an adorable, sleepy baby boy.  Sifer is so great with beebsters, there was no doubt that she was going to make an incredible big sister but I had no idea how helpful and gentle she would be! She loves feeding him and helping Livvy get bottles, diapers or just sit with him and keep him company.

Hunter’s mom kept all of his old outfits and blankets and they are in perfect condition!  Chilton wore a little white button up outfit that was his dad’s and a hat/cape that was knitted by his great grandma is some of the photos.

Liv and Hunter are such hard workers, she will be back at Salon Swank before we know it, I know all her clients will be so excited to see her but even more excited to get a snuggle in with baby Chilton! And now that it’s oyster season, go get the salty deliciousness at “I Got Your Crabs!”  There will be blue crabs there before we know it! We hope to see you there, it’s our weekly fave!

Currituck Baby Portraits

He has so much dark hair, is absolutely gorgeous!! I hope it keeps growing and doesn’t fall out, if he was a little girl it would have a big bow in it!

Currituck Baby Portraits

As long as Sifey didn’t have to wear the dress you see her in below she was a happy gal! Chilton looks so much like his dad and sister from straight on but looks just like himself when you see his profile.

Currituck Baby Portraits Currituck Baby Portraits Currituck Baby Portraits

He’s going to have such a fun childhood growing up by the water, hunting, fishing and crabbing with his mom, dad and sis!

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