Outer Banks Boudoir | Sanderling Resort

OBX Sassy Buns


We had gorgeous sun and a few raindrops for our sassybuns boudoir shoot at the Sanderling Resort in Duck, NC.

Our lady here is a real cowgirl!  Even though we had sexy lingerie and such, this outfit fit her personality best and was our favorite!

Outer Banks Boudoir

This shoot was a gift for her brand spankin’ new husband! I hope he enjoys them!

Thanks for playing!



Fun Gender Reveal | Outer Banks

Outer Banks Under Water Gender Reveal

Ben and Frieda are expecting their third baby in January!  We’ve photographed them since their first pregnancy, and it’s so fun to see this family grow (and keep growing!)!

Frieda and Ben were on the fence about finding out the gender, since they already have a boy and a little girl.  But curiousity won and she handed over the sealed envelope containing baby’s gender to Brooke Mayo Photographers!

We had a few possible choices for the reveal, non of which we’ve ever tried under water, so we picked out favorite (silly string) to try first, since this one would be the reveal.  We also loaded little water guns with food dye and had them shoot at each other!  After a few frames, it looked like a shark attack!

gender reveal

IT’S A GIRL!!!!!

Austin was a bit disappointed he wasn’t getting a brother, but there were cupcakes afterward and all was well.

Cannot wait to meet your new little lady!


  • Frieda - Love them! And love team candace and Brooke! You are both so creative and fun! You are also so wonderful to our expanding family, even to know Austin would need cupcakes to soothe his disappointment.

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Senior Portraits | Outer Banks


Senior Portraits

Kenzie blows me away, she is such a talented and motivated young lady and all smiles!  She adores her horse, Abby, as well as soccer and dance.   She has such a gentle and kind spirit, you can’t help but feel relaxed and happy when you’re around her.  I can’t wait to see where the world is going to take her!

Her parent’s are so supportive and  just from what I saw, they stay on top of her but give her freedom and responsibility.  I hope to learn from them and have Poppy learn from Kenzie as much as possible.  Everyday poses so many parenting challenges, it helps to be able to observe other families you admire and be able to pull from each one of them different things that you learn.

Kenzie also teaches horse back riding in Currituck. If you’re looking for a teacher, she is phenomenal!!

Congratulations Kenzie, as you have already proven,  you can do anything you put your mind to!

Senior Portraits

We went to the Kitty Hawk Pier to play after we spent time at Sanctuary Vineyards and their horse farm, she was up for anything! I love her frolicking in the ocean!!



OBX Senior Portraits | Sanderling Resort

Britton is Graduating!

OBX senior portraits


Britton graduates UNCW in December of this year, she just got back from studying business abroad in Germany, and she wanted to celebrate such a fun and exciting time in her life! I can’t imagine how hard she has had to work to get to where she is!  I know her parent’s are beyond proud of all her motivation and accomplishments!

It was a cool blustery morning at Sanderling Resort in Duck, NC but the perfect fall weather made the shoot!  It blew her hair perfectly, took her cap a sailin’ and made the pool feel super warm!  She brought the cutest props, balloons, her cap, flowers, a chalk board with her graduation date, and of course several adorable outfits!

OBX senior portraits


1 Month Baby Portraits

Peaches Dupree

1 Month Baby Portraits

The majority of the time I sit at my desk with Peaches in only a diaper laying on the Boppy around my waist propped on the desk and this is the beautiful, sweet, kissable view I have all day long.  I’m one lucky mama!!  These rolls just don’t quit, each way she moves or squirms I get to see a new sweet little dimple or tuft of hair or tiny wrinkle – I’m going to miss these one day when she just wants to crawl or walk around all the time and won’t nap on me anymore!

Listening to each sweet little breath and having that wonderful baby smell, watching her little eyelashes flutter when she’s dreaming…that’s the best part of each day!  The day I took these photos, I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget that so I photographed each little part of her body.

1 Month Baby Portraits

She was born with much more hair than Poppy was, it’s starting to fall out now but she still has a bit of her “baby” hair left and the peach fuzz around her ears is so toot!


Love her little milk mouth!


  • Sarie - She is one seriously precious little weebit—no doubt about it!

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