Outer Banks Beach Wedding featured in Rustic Wedding Chic

We’re so excited Rustic Wedding Chic featured Debbie and Dave’s Outer Banks beach wedding!

Photographing weddings on the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks is our favorite! Debbie & Dave had such a beautiful day and Renee Landry Style did a wondersum job on their florals and decor. Debbie, Dave, their son and their families were an absolute blast and such a hoot!! They photo bombed beach goers, sassed it up on a bike, Debbie did the jump Baby does in “Dirty Dancing,” you couldn’t ask for a more fun and in love couple!!

Photos by Candace and Ashley

outer banks beach wedding, duck, nc, the saltaire, renee landry style

outer banks beach wedding, duck, nc, the saltaire, renee landry style


Carolina to Africa | Travel with a 3 Year Old – Part 5

Carolina to South Africa | Part 5 – Stanford, Near Hermanus

How We Enjoyed a Month in South Africa with Our 3 Year Old

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Feb. 17, 2014

John has been sick and stayed up late talking to his dad on the phone. Me and pops got up about 630 and tried to go to the pool but she changed her mind, so we went to the park and played and then went grocery shopping before coming back home for breakfast at 930 or so. John was up, we packed up and drove to the Mosaic Private Sanctuary in Stanford near Hermanus. We took the scenic coastal route and saw baboons while Pops was napping, we stopped and saw Penguins in Bettie’s Bay, on the road to Hermanus.
These penguins were less touristy than the ones at Boulder Beach, less people and you could see more of them. It was also really foggy and incredibly rough. While we were in SA there was a boat that wrecked and spilled diesel fuel near the penguins and they had to move them.






We had lunch at Kliedman and then made our way to the hotel. It was in the middle of no where and so peaceful. We had to drive about 15 mins on a gravel road on a peninsula on the other side of a lake. It was gorgeous!! The apartment was huge, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, living, dining, kitchen and massive pantry! We cooked all meals there ourselves and went to the Spookhause for internet and to kayack.


Poppy met the inn keeper’s daughter, Mila and played with her for 2 days.



The next morning we were going to go in the pontoon boat but it was chilly and overcast so we went to visit Hamilton Russell winery where Pops liked smelling the wines and sat by their lake and colored and then we went to Bouchard Finlayson where John threw Pops in the air in a flip on accident and Pops just rolled in the grass and played with the wine makers dog.
When we got back to the hotel, Pops went to bed early and John made delicious fish, veggies and foccacia bread.



Feb. 18, 2014

Beautiful weather!! Me and Pops got up early and went kayacking and then we went on the pontoon boat and invited Mila to join us, Pops was such a ham and danced and was silly the whole ride!



Pops took a nap and when she woke we went to the cheese farm and drove out to see the De Kelders, Klipgat Caves, which we didn’t really get to see as the ocean was so high but we did hike over some rocks and peak in until I got scared we were going to get stuck inside as the water was coming up so high. Pops thought they were amazing!! We hiked back up, stopped at the grocery store and John cooked dinner.


She always seems to find piggie pies wherever she goes!


  • Turkey - Sissy,
    Your Africa posts make me happy! I am so glad you are still living the experience through your photos :) LOVE YOU!

Outer Banks Portrait Party | Sanctuary Vineyards

We had a blast with all of our families that came to play at our Outer Banks Portrait Party at Sanctuary Vineyards! Thankfully, it was a beautiful, warm and not too windy spring day and we could play in the vineyards! Often times the wind whips right across the field making it impossible to shoot in my favorite vineyard with the oyster shells, windmill and flowers unless you have very short hair!

It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve seen Olivia, she has grown into such a spunky and outgoing little lady!  Full of smiles and fun!


It was such a treat to see these 3 and meet and photograph their newborn, Dawson.  Dylin is an awesome big sister, she thinks of him as her own! It’s going to be so much fun watching them grow up together!


Although, only 2 are twins, they seem like they could be triplets the way they interact!

The family portrait of the 5 of them is one of my favorites as it shows the chaos of having 3 kids (they have 5 but 2 couldn’t be at the shoot) but it also shows the connection the mom and dad keep as well as the individual personalities of each of the kiddos.



Many thanks to all the families who came out to play with us and allow us to capture a glimpse of their sweet families!  Although the Portrait Parties are shoots that are back to back and in approximately the same location, each one is incredibly different!


Carolina to Africa | Part 4 – Camp’s Bay

Carolina to South Africa | Part 4 – Camp’s Bay

How We Enjoyed a Month in South Africa with Our 3 Year Old

If you’d like to read the other parts of this travel series:
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Part 2
Part 3

It was heaven waking up from our long flight in Camp’s Bay. It seemed unreal.

Poppy had her own room with a double bed at Camp’s Bay Resort and we had a room, kitchen, bathroom and living room. We were there for 5 nights. It was perfect, there was a park right in front of our hotel complete with a fabulous jungle gym. They had the most interesting swings made out of tires, complete with a back and arm rests, a see-saw and the best climbing trees and rocks a 3 year old could ask for! It was also right off the main road which meant we were walking distance to the most amazing and affordable restaurants! All of them had beautiful ocean views and heavenly food. And since our times were off, we were all going to bed around 10pm and waking around 10am for the first few days which meant we got to enjoy every second of the evening light and then have a relaxing dinner as the sunset and still have books and bedtime routine without a rush.

Taken from the park we were playing in-


Poppy’s reaction when she first saw the ocean and views at Camp’s Bay-


Feb. 13, 2014:

We woke the next morning around 1030am and John had gone to the store before we woke up and got milk, yogurt and granola, that along with instant coffee overlooking a raging Atlantic Ocean made for the best morning! The coffee wasn’t amazing but it reminded me of my time in Australia, so to me, it was perfect!

We got ready and went exploring, felt the water, 50 degrees or so, very chilly and very very rough, played on the playground and then found an amazing restaurant overlooking the water, all the eateries were sooo good and affordable! We stopped for gelato on our way back to our hotel and Pops took a nap.



We woke and went back to the playground by the ocean and watched the sunset, went to dinner at a tapas restaurant, Pops tried baby Octopus and ate a ton of mushrooms. We had baklava for dessert, John’s favorite of the night. To keep her entertained we brought play-doh which she had a blast making mermaids with. Pops went to bed around 1030pm. Very late for her but it made since with the time change. Perfect first day!


Feb. 14, 2014

Valentine’s day and Pops requested to visit the penguins near Simon’s Town.



We woke up around 10:30 am again and tried to go in the pool but it was overcast and cold although Pops and John braved it for 10 minutes tops! We later learned they heated it on the weekends...


We went and showered and drove Chapman’s Peak, super scary and beautiful toll road above the crashing Atlantic Ocean to Simon’s Town.


We had lunch at a stylish eatery that was very “antiquey” and homey and went to see the Penguins at Boulder’s Beach. We debated driving to Cape Point but Pops was exhausted and ready for a nap. We decided to head back to the hotel and met our new friend that a mutual friend introduced us to, Ronel and ate at Luigi’s for Valentine’s Dinner, bed around 10pm. Poppy did ask me to tell Ronel what was in my belly, she was very proud to tell her about her sister, Peaches. Whew. Well see how it all goes when she arrives as this was the first bit of excitement she has had about her.

Feb 15, 2014

We woke up at 630am, had breakfast at the hotel and caught the “red bus” and rode it all day through Capetown and up to Table Mountain.


Once in Capetown we went to the Aquarium and ate at “the worlds largest wine bar” Belthazar, John had Kingklip fish, super delicious! Pops had no nap and we took the red bus up to Table Mountain where John took the cable car all the way up, he could see to the tip of Africa, Cape of Good Hope.


I chickened out as the heights scared me to pieces and Pops wouldn’t leave my side, so we stayed at base camp and had ice cream and watch everyone come and go up the cable car.


We got back to Camps Bay and Pops was still in a fabulous mood, it was warm and sunny so we went to the pool and played there for hours, she loved it and is almost able to do a front flip on her own underwater!
We had dinner at a restaurant and I had raw oysters and sushi and John had a shrimp curry soup which Poppy really liked! Naughty Brooke (being pregnant) but I couldn’t resist!

Feb. 16, 2014

We woke up early and drove to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope.


We drove back over Chapman’s pass, easier the second time but still scary! Luckily it was a weekend and big bus tours were on it so everyone was going very slow!
We stopped for a lunch and treats to go at Nordhouk farm village and took it to the lighthouse for a picnic.
It was a beautiful scenic and long drive out to the cape, once we arrived in the park, it was lots of shrubs and low plants and crashing waves on rocks all around. We got to the lighthouse and climbed up, Pops was very disappointed she couldn’t go in the lighthouse. It was soooo windy, I was worried it would blow Poppy away, hurricane force. We climbed back down and went to the beach at Cape at Good Hope overlooking the rocks where it was super windy and Pops was tired. The most south western point of Africa! Pops kept kissing my belly and wanting to talk to Peaches, she seems to be warming up to the idea of being a big sis.
On our drive back, Pops napped in the car and we went to a winery, Groot Constantia and the sauvignon blanc was wonderful!
When we got back to our hotel, it was our last night at Camp’s Bay, we went swimming at the pool and met a family from Jo’Burg who are wedding photographers. They had a daughter, Summer, who Pops really enjoyed.
We went to dinner at Primi Piatti, delicious Bolognese and John had lamb curry ravioli which he loved.
Came back, went to bed and was sad it was our last night at Camp’s Bay.

This was taken at a stop over on Chapman’s Pass with Dungeon’s big wave surf spot in the background.


  • Warren Anderson - So fantastic to have met you guys, love following your posts, you guys are so inspiring

  • Brooke - Are you kidding?? Such a treat to meet yall, we only wish we got to spend more time with you!! Pops asked about yall the rest of our trip! We hope to see yall again one day, come shoot with us anytime!!

Cottage Chic | Furniture Re Imagined

Cottage Chic is a collection of old furniture that has been reworked, you will find all different pieces from tables and chairs to china cabinets to funky handmade signs. Suzy uses lots of old windows and doors to make brand new pieces.
If you see a piece you like that isn’t the color you want or you would like it customized, she is over the moon to do so for you! She’s quick, creative and a lot of fun to work with!
She will also trade other pieces of wood you have for a discount on the piece your purchasing, a win win for all!
She also rents her pieces out for weddings or portrait sessions! You could use her old windows for a seating chart or get married in front of her vintage doors. The possibilities are endless!

Love these magnetic boards, great for posting photos or kids art! Underneath is just a selection of other gorgeous items she has available but check back daily as her inventory is always changing!


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