Maternity Portraits | Currituck

It’s Almost Time for Baby Peaches!

maternity portraits

We are sooo very lucky to have Candace take our family portraits, she has been amazing at documenting our growing family and businesses!  I love the cute videos she makes for BMP and Sanctuary Vineyards and all the little moment she captures of us.  Besides being a phenomenal photographer, painter and artist, she is such an incredible friend and inspiring mama.

For our maternity portraits, we headed over to Martin Vineyards on Knott’s Island to the Peach Orchard to celebrate baby Peaches.  Poppy isn’t sure about having a sister come but I’m sure once she sees her and knows that Peaches won’t take her toys, she will love her immediately.  That is her main concern that Peaches will “sliber” on her toys but I try to tell her it will be no more than our boxer, Juicy, “slibers.”

It’s hard to believe it’s only 2.5 weeks until Peaches is due – we are trying to savor every second of being a family of 3 and make every day super special as it will be such a change once we’re a family of 4.  I know it will be better and even more wonderful but it’s the change that is scary and not knowing what to expect.

We are super excited to be working with North Eastern OBGYN again, the midwives and doctors there have the lowest C Section rate in North Carolina or Virginia!!  They gave us such a wonderful birthing experience last time, I can only imagine how great it will be this time!  We only hope we can make it the 45 mins to the hospital in time!





Beach family portraits |  Duck, NC

Outer banks beach family vacation portraits


I met this family at their beach house in Duck, NC while they were vacationing this summer. This family came from all over the USA, California, Arizona and even a little closer, VA.

We had some formal beach family portraits and then easily moved into playtime.  Between the sand, ocean, bubbles and silly string fight- it wasn’t hard to get genuine smiles out of all the kids!

Beach family portraits

Beach family portraits

Thanks for playing with us on your vacation!



Beach Maternity Portraits | Outer Banks

Thompson Family


Beach Maternity Portraits, non traditional beach portraits, fun beach portraits

It has been amazing watching this family grow, we photographed their engagement portraits at the Whalehead Club and the beach across the street, their wedding at Sanderling Resort, and then their first handsome son!

I can’t believe Cooper is already 4 years old, at our last shoot he could barely walk and now he looks like a little boy!  Jen reminded me that we have a photo of him bending over looking between his legs from our last session and sure enough we do!  Adorable!!


Beach Maternity Portraits

Jen, Chris and Cooper are now expecting baby Emmett the middle of August.  Cooper is so excited and talks to Jen’s belly and even hugs and kisses it without prompting!  She looks amazing, she has a perfect basketball sitting out front.  We shot at the beach access near their home which was so pretty, Southern Shores has amazing beaches with long walkways, big dunes and wide beaches. I can’t wait to meet their handsome little fella, I bet he will have fabulous body and curls just like Cooper!

Beach Maternity Portraits

Congratulations to you three and thank you, thank you for having me document such sweet and big moments in your lives!! XO


Boudoir | Outer Banks

Letters from Boot Camp

Boudoir, military wife, outer banks boudoir

These two haven’t been able to see one another in several months as he has been away at boot camp but they have been writing the sweetest love letters back and forth, it reminds me of the couples in the movie Pearl Harbor.  She gets absolute giddy each time a new one arrives and she reads it over and over again.  She sent him one of her t-shirts sprayed with perfume and the next time she sees him, she will have some beautiful boudoir photos to share with him!

She’s super shy and he will never ever expect such a sexy surprise!  She had the most beautiful outfits, lingerie as well as his ARMY jacket which is very manly looking but with nothing on under it is super sexy!


Boudoir Photography


Family Reunion | Corolla

Family Beach Photography


I met this huge group for their Family Reunion in Corolla, NC.  They came from all over, but the ‘originals’ hail from the Bronx.  The Northern beaches are really nice for portraits.  They have the white, powdery sand and are very wide which was great for such a large group.

We start with the big group of everyone and then break down to each individual family.  For a group this size we recommend at least a two hour session.  This allowed us to get everyone and still have some play time near the end.

family reunion

Brooke took this family’s portraits ten years ago! They had a cell picture of a portrait that has been hanging in their home since then. It was actually the last time they had portraits done, so they wanted to recreate this portrait exactly. The kids have grown a teesy bit, but were completely up for it!!

family reunion

Thanks for having to your family reunion!!


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