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ISR and Red Cross Certification

 Outer Banks Underwater Photography

These little tunas were so cute in the water, happy as could be thanks to Christen Buchert!  She teaches kids how to be safe in the water and LOVE the water, it gives them so much joy and confidence.  I love all the props everyone brought!  A kite, a cape, a vintage hippo the kids rode, so cute!!

She teaches ISR, which starts as early as 6 months old as well as American Red Cross lessons.  ISR teaches kids how to float at 6 months and at a year to float, swim, float until they reach the edge of the pool or safety.


outer banks underwater photography


Family Beach Portraits | Sanderling Resort

Alex & Crosby

 family beach portraits

It was the perfect evening for Outer Banks beach portraits, slightly overcast and not too hot.  We started on the beach and then headed over to the gazebo overlooking the Currituck Sound.  It’s a beautimus romantic getaway that is never busy unless there is a wedding.

These two boys were visiting Sanderling Resort with their parents celebrating their mom’s 40th birthday.  They had dinner at the Keeper’s Loft along with a beautimus cake and noisemakers for the boys but before that I got to play with all of them.

Alex and Crosby were all boy, running, playing and having a ball and they were so very loving to one another!  Alex would snuggle Crosby and make sure he was ok and of course they would rough house and roll around in the sand.  They were the perfect subjects to photograph, fun and sweet!!

They even came to play with us the following day and took underwater photos in the Resort Pool, they were little fish!  Love these brothers!!


Family Beach Portraits


Surprise Proposal | Sanderling Resort

Beach Proposal on the Outer Banks of NC

Trae contacted us MONTHS ago wanting to setup a portraits session while he was proposing to his girlfriend.  I was to meet him at the main overpass at the Sanderling Resort in Duck as they walked over and remain incognito as he dropped to one knee and popped the question.

Trae was in contact with me via text as the time approached.  They stopped for a drink at the Sand Bar at the resort.  I was busy ‘photographing’ my family I had brought along as my cover (a nice dinner was the trade off).

As the couple walked down the beach, Trae dropped to one knee and completely took Madison by surprise!  She actually jumped up and down as he asked!!

Surpise Proposal

Such sweet moments after the surprise proposal!  Trae had to fill in all the details of his plan to Madison.  She was still in shock!

Suprise proposal

We were so happy to be able to help you pull this off and document some of your love story!




  • Sarie - Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, lovebirds! Whoo-hoo! :-)

Outer Banks Newborn Portraits | Poppy & Peaches

Junk ‘n Pretties


Kim Metcalf of Junk ‘n Pretties brought over the most gorgeous turquoise vanity for me to photograph!  I was going to just have Poppy dolling herself up but she requested Peaches join her, so we said, “Of course!!”  Kim has been putting together lots of vintage shows over the past couple of years and creates some of the most beautiful and creative pieces, our kitchen table was made by her!  If you’re looking for funky or vintage furniture, send her an email and she will make the perfect piece!

I loved seeing Pops hold her little Tuna gently and look at her so lovingly, their relationship makes my heart sooo happy!!


outer banks newborn portraits

outer banks newborn portraits
outer banks newborn portraits
outer banks newborn portraits

  • Sarie - THEY ARE ADORABLE!!! :-)

Outer Banks Proposal | Kill Devil Hills

Kevin hearts Ashley

outer banks proposal

I have been talking with Kevin on how to “secretly” photograph his proposal to his gorgeous girlfriend Ashley for a few weeks, we spoke via text the day of the shoot to make sure we were both on time and all ready!

They started with dinner at Black Pelican and then were going to take a romantic beach walk, which we had planned where.  They drove to the beach access in Kill Devil Hills we decided on and arrived exactly on time. I was pretending I was photographing a baby on the beach as they walked by, once they were far enough away, I began photographing their backs and then got got closer as he got down on one knee.  I still had a long lens so I wasn’t too close and she didn’t notice me until it was over.

She had always told him she wanted to have a picture documenting the day they got engaged, she never dreamed he would hire a photographer to document the whole thing!!  She laughed, cried and was in utter disbelief!!  These two are the sweetest together and they laughed non stop!

Outer Banks Proposal


Outer Banks Proposal

There were so many dragonflies everywhere!!!

Outer Banks Proposal

Her ring was gorgeous, he picked it out without her having any idea and even asked her parents!!

Outer Banks Proposal


  • Sarie - Congratulations, lovebugs!

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