OBX Senior Portraits | Sanderling Resort

Britton is Graduating!

OBX senior portraits


Britton graduates UNCW in December of this year, she just got back from studying business abroad in Germany, and she wanted to celebrate such a fun and exciting time in her life! I can’t imagine how hard she has had to work to get to where she is!  I know her parent’s are beyond proud of all her motivation and accomplishments!

It was a cool blustery morning at Sanderling Resort in Duck, NC but the perfect fall weather made the shoot!  It blew her hair perfectly, took her cap a sailin’ and made the pool feel super warm!  She brought the cutest props, balloons, her cap, flowers, a chalk board with her graduation date, and of course several adorable outfits!

OBX senior portraits


1 Month Baby Portraits

Peaches Dupree

1 Month Baby Portraits

The majority of the time I sit at my desk with Peaches in only a diaper laying on the Boppy around my waist propped on the desk and this is the beautiful, sweet, kissable view I have all day long.  I’m one lucky mama!!  These rolls just don’t quit, each way she moves or squirms I get to see a new sweet little dimple or tuft of hair or tiny wrinkle – I’m going to miss these one day when she just wants to crawl or walk around all the time and won’t nap on me anymore!

Listening to each sweet little breath and having that wonderful baby smell, watching her little eyelashes flutter when she’s dreaming…that’s the best part of each day!  The day I took these photos, I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget that so I photographed each little part of her body.

1 Month Baby Portraits

She was born with much more hair than Poppy was, it’s starting to fall out now but she still has a bit of her “baby” hair left and the peach fuzz around her ears is so toot!


Love her little milk mouth!


  • Sarie - She is one seriously precious little weebit—no doubt about it!

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Manteo Baby Portraits | Isabella

Roanoke Bungalows

Manteo baby portraits


It has been such a treat to photograph Cheryl’s grand babies at her gorgeous bed and breakfast, The Roanoke Bungalows!   Little Bella Bean has the most gorgeous head of hair and she’s only 6 months old, I can’t imagine how long it will be when she’s 3, full and wavy like her mamas!  She has the sweetest little smile and even fell asleep for a bit, napping in the garden doesn’t sound bad!!

It’s not often that you get to photograph a 6 month old sleeping, she was exhausted and took maybe a 5 minute nap which was my favorite part of our whole shoot! I’m used to newborns napping while we’re shooting but Bella Bear was the sweetest when she fell asleep, we’d pull the paci from her and she’d keep sucking making the sweetest faces!  As soon as she woke up she was all smiles and alert as could be, the top two were right after she woke up.



Manteo Baby Portraits


Outer Banks Destination Wedding | Sanderling

Say Yes to the Dress


Tiffany and Ricky were married this weekend at the Sanderling Resort in Duck, NC.  We’ve been looking forward to this wedding for a while, I met Tiffany earlier this summer when I shot her Sassybuns boudoir shoot as a groom gift surprise for Ricky.  She is stunning! It’s so fun for us to hear back from groom his thought on the album!

Tiffany is part of TLC’s show Say Yes to the Dress!  We’ve been mega exited to not only see the dress ourselves, but work with TLC’s video crew.  Cannot wait to see the episode air!

We always look forward to shooting weddings at the Sanderling.  It’s a resort we shoot at often and are always amazed at how each wedding is so different!  Renee Landry Events did a fantastic job designing this wedding and with all the flowers!


Outer Banks Destination Wedding

The ceremony was held on the south event lawn.  Tiffany walked though salvages doors and up to the deck over looking the ocean.  Everything was full of fresh,  lush green garlands and flowers.  The family was seated on a mix matched set of chairs and couches that were vintage, fancy and eclectic!  Renee has a fantastic vision and I’m constantly in awe of her working brain!

Outer Banks Destination Wedding

Tiffany’s gown was stunning! Lots of jewels and stones covering the entire dress.  She had a two choices for shoes, but all agreed on the pink feathery Kate Spade heels.

The bridesmaids helped the father of the bride to tie his tie, along with youtube- and when that didn’t work, Tiffany helped.  Still didn’t work so a call was put into the Sanderling and they finally got it tied!  A few minutes later, we hear the same problem is going on with the boys getting ready over at the Caffey house.  I keep telling myself that one of these days I will learn to tie one to help the fellas out!

Outer Banks Destination Wedding

Tiffany had the most gorgeous cathedral veil and blusher! So pretty!  Such a classic look we do not see that often.

Outer Banks Destination Wedding

Ricky and Tiffany had told me they were doing a dove release from When Dove’s Fly.  They also told me they were both pretty terrified by birds.  Tiffany’s mom really liked the idea of the dove release, so I just told Tiffany to smile so we’d get great pictures.  As you can tell, they clearly did not do that!!  I love the look on the maid of honors face!!!

Outer Banks Destination Wedding

As the couple walked back down the aisle, attendants tossed little cups of fragrant lavender and blew bubbles.  The couple surprised guests by showing up to the reception at the Pavilion on the soundside of the property by boat!

Outer Banks Destination Wedding

Just Desserts made a phenomenal cake with gems and bling all over it!

Outer Banks Destination Wedding

The sound gets the prettiest sunsets! The walk-way to the gazebo was lit with little café lights and tables were provided for guests to mingle outside and enjoy the view. A few clouds moved in which always held to hold the colors just a tiny bit longer.

Outer Banks Destination Wedding

The reception was a riot! Such a great group of dancers and DJ Bruce had everyone going hard!  Lots of getting down and a few lifts too!  Bouquet and garter tosses were hilarious!  Ricky danced all the way to Tiffany and dropped and did a few push ups before grabbing the garter!

Outer Banks Destination Wedding


It was so fun working alongside some of our favorite OBX vendors!

Thanks Ricky and Tiffany for having Brooke Mayo Photographers capture your day!



Four Seasons Wedding | Outer Banks

OBX Destination Wedding


Brandi and Chris were married this weekend at an event home in Four Seasons in Duck, NC.  It was a small, intimate affair, with just very close friends and family.  We had beautiful, blue skies that tend to hang around the Outer Banks around September and October, but it was HOT!  We’ve been seeing temps around 100° plus humidity!

Four Seasons Wedding

I Do OBX Chairs set up this beachy ceremony, with starfish and spindly chairs.  After ceremony and first dance, Brandi wanted to shorten her bohemian styled dress to cool off!  She had a family member trim it!  But first, we frolicked in the ocean a bit to make the most of it!

Four Seasons Wedding

I find this next photo hilarious! This is a beach wedding people! Only fitting, with 100° temps, beautiful sand and water.

Four Seasons Wedding

Thanks for having me!







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