Beaufort Family Portraits | Aldredge Family

Memorial Day Weekend

Beaufort Family Portraits

We love getting to travel for our job, going to a place we haven’t shot before and seeing how the architecture, light and landscape is so different is incredibly inspiring and quite exciting! We so appreciate our clients having us come visit them in their homes!

We had the most gorgeous evening in Beaufort, NC over Memorial Day Weekend to play outside this families beautimus home! They have 3 adorable kiddos, their youngest, Claire, is just 6 months old.  The inspiration for their shoot came from the shoot of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in “W Magazine.”

We began inside while everyone was finishing getting ready and then came outside and they hung out on the porch and ran around the gardens and sidewalk without much direction.  We wanted to capture a “Day in the Life” of this family of 5.  I love that they had both of their flags hanging!


Beaufort Family Portraits

Beaufort Family Portraits

Sweet baby hands are the best and Charlotte and Beacher love her to pieces!!

Beaufort Family Portraits Beaufort Family Portraits

The big kiddos being silly gooses…

Beaufort Family Portraits

Sisterly love!

Beaufort Family Portraits

There is something about a little girl and their daddy, her little foot is sooo toot!


Beaufort Family Portraits


Chicamacomico Life Saving Station

Beautiful Nautical wedding on Outer Banks


Evan and Whitney are both divers and fell in love with the Outer Banks.  The southern beaches of the Outer Banks are just gorgeous!  Wide beaches, picturesque dunes- but quite a trek from the nearest major airport. A Premier Event did a phenomenal job organizing with Whitney states away!

The couple had an intimate gathering of friends and family join them at the Chicamacomico Life Saving Station in Waves, NC.  Evan is in the USCG and their rustic nautical themed wedding went perfect with the historic site and it’s museum buildings.  OBX Trolley shuttled in the guests to the ceremony.

Whitney got ready mostly by herself, which gave her a few minutes downtime to reflect and write sincere thank-you notes for everyone.


Whitney’s mom came up and sewed a Irish good luck charm into the wedding dress.


Everyone was holding back tears during the sewing part, but let them go when mom received Whitney’s gifts.  A beautiful card, inscribed hanky and a personalized book to read to future grandchildren.  As an avid reader to my own children, I was a bawling mess at the last gift.


Whitney’s brother has a French Bulldog named Toad that followed me around while I was shooting. He’s an older fella, but still has a bunch of charm he works on the ladies.



The ceremony took place on an old boat house at the Life Saving Station.  We had a perfect blue sky and comfortable temps.  You never know with a May wedding on the OBX.  It could be 40°F on Monday, and 80°F by Saturday.


Whitney was beaming when they were pronounced, ‘Husband and Wife’!
Dr. Dave Keller did a great job preforming the ceremony.


After the ceremony, the couple walked down under a full sword archway by the USCG.  The couple had to stop between swords and kiss before being allowed to move on.  A tiny swipe on the fanny completed the tradition.


Whitney’s mom and brother are so sweet and close with each other. Lot’s on snuggles, smile and happy tears after the ceremony.



The reception area had old lanterns, flowers, and barnacled bottles from a dive Evan did in Seattle. Currituck BBQ catered the event and kept everyone full and happy.

Renee Landry Events did an amazing job with flowers and lighting.  Whitney’s bouquet smelled divine!  The Jonny Waters band performed while guests danced under lanterns and stars.



Thank you so much for having me to document your day!

Congrats Evan and Whitney!!!


First Birthday Portraits| Fisher

Sanctuary Vineyards

Fisher is ONE and full of smiles!  This little fella has brightened my year, getting to see his sweet parents for their maternity photos on the Wright Memorial Bridge when it was closed, his newborn photos at Island Farms in Manteo and his 6 month photos at Sanctuary Vineyards.  I have loved every bit of it!

We were going to do his photos at Island Farm again but these flowers couldn’t be missed!

First Birthday Portraits

Those sweet little teefers are adorable!

First Birthday Portraitsrs First Birthday Portraits First Birthday Portraits

Gummy baby kisses are the best!!

First Birthday Portraits

These faces crack me up!  He says exactly what’s on his mind, no poker face here!!

First Birthday Portraits

Give this fella a stick and he’s happy for hours!
First Birthday Portraits

Happy birthday sweet boy, the world is a better place because of you!! XO


Endless Fields of Yellow Flowers | Currituck

The Newberns

This gorgeous family is to thank for the beautiful yellow fields that have been making us all smile in amazement as we drive through Currituck County!

They planted rapeseed which makes canola oil, I couldn’t think of a more beautiful and perfect use for this land.  I love that they are farming the land and growing food for us and our kids.

They are an absolute hoot, I can’t believe they had a mud fight in their gorgeous clothes totally unplanned!!  It was so much fun and I loved seeing their real personalities and watch them have fun on their land.

endless fields of yellow flowersHe sank in the mud so much he flipped over!
endless fields of yellow flowers


endless fields of yellow flowers


endless fields of yellow flowers

  • Sarie - That mud fight photo is a riot! Way to go!

Outer Banks Headshots | Brooke & Candace

Sanctuary Vineyards

We never know what will happen when we get together for our headshots, this time it started raining as we were finishing and we ended up in the beautiful yellow field of mustard behind the winery.  Peaches came with us so at the end Candace took some sweet snuggly shots of me with my 9 month old!

It’s always a different experience being photographed instead of being the photographer but I think it’s important to have my photo taken often to remind me how my clients feel when I’m photographing them and to have photos of me for my children to see one day when I’m much much older.  I want them to be able to look back at my life and see how much fun it was.

Happiness is something you make for yourself and you choose everyday, it’s how you view the world and we hope to pass that on to the girls.  We always say,

“Make Good Decisions, Have Big Adventures.”  I hope we always do.

Outer Banks Headshots Outer Banks Headshots Outer Banks Headshotsro

  • Sarie - Yaaaaaaay! :-)

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