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Happy 12th Anniversary!

I can’t believe these two have been married for 12 years!  They began dating in high school and have been going strong ever since! They got married when they were 20 at The Whalehead Club in Corolla, NC so it was quite suiting we took their family anniversary photos where they said “I Do.” They have 2 phenomenal kiddos, super smart, incredibly thoughtful and sweet as can be! Dayne is 9 and Yaz is 11.  We are so lucky to call these 4 friends.

Their favorite family activity is playing at the beach, Randy loves to surf and Candace and the kids are happiest playing in the sand and the water or sitting by the ocean reading a 1000 page book.  Yes, even the kids read 1000 page books.  It’s amazing!


Corolla Beach Portraits

12 years and more in love now than they were when they got married!

Corolla Beach Portraits

They had their ceremony on this gorgeous green lawn in May 12 years ago only it was a cold, wet, blustery day.  The day we shot, they were calling for rain but we beat it!

Corolla Beach Portraits

They had the cutest outfit choices, the purples, pinks and blues went so well together and complimented the yellows and greens perfectly!  And Candace’s high heels were super sexy!

Corolla Beach Portraits Corolla Beach Portraits Corolla Beach Portraits


Sifer is three! | Disney’s Frozen

Anna visits Sifer on her 3rd birthday!


We cannot believe little Sifer Mayes is three already!!!  She had the most magical of birthdays, a Disney’s Frozen themed party!  William Casper Design did a fantastic job converting Olivia’s salon into a winter wonderland!

All the kiddos were thrilled when Anna walked in!  Party with a Princess was a huge hit!  Anna sang some of the kids favorite Frozen tunes, read a story, play with the little ones and signed autographs.


Love the faces on the the little ones while Anna sang!



Sifer had the best expressions while Anna read her story!


Sifer had her sweet family surround her as she blew out her candles and made her wish! Even little Chilton came festive as Olaf the snowman!



Happy Birthday!!!


Dog Portraits | Berta Bathes

Boxer Baby

Dog Portraits

We grew up with yellow labs but my first dog as an adult was a boxer mix.  Jaybird.  After him, we had Weezie Pie who was a brindle boxer and she is the only dog we have had since she was a puppy.  When Alicia was telling me about Berta, her boxer puppy, it reminded me so much of Weezie!  She brought her to our house one day and was carrying her on her hip like a baby which is how I used to carry Weezie, I instantly fell in love with Berta and their relationship!

We started chatting and I learned that Alicia bathes Berta in the bathtub with her and holds her on her hip to rinse her off and holds her on her back to rinse off her belly. I told her I had to have photos of this!!!  She reluctantly agreed and I invited myself over to document this adorableness!

Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits Dog Portraits Dog Portraits Dog Portraits Dog Portraits


Family of 5 | Welcome Baby Clara!

Currituck Family Portraits


We have known this sweet family since before Austin was born, he is now 5, Alice will be 2 in March and baby Clara is just 2 weeks old.  Austin is all boy, rough and tumble but so very gentle and loving with baby Clara.  I love seeing this side of him as he stares at her, talks quietly and is head over heels in love with her!

The family of 5 is adjusting quite well!  If I had 3 kiddos ages 5 and younger I would never leave the house but they go and do the same they did with 1 and 2 kiddos.  Both the older ones are great helpers and Clara Bean is a sweet, sleepy newborn who doesn’t mind the noise or activity one bit, it seems to lull her to sleep.

I look forward to watching them grow up together, see how they play and learn from one another and watch all their adventures!


Family of 5 Family of 5 Family of 5 Family of 5 Family of 5 Family of 5


Outer Banks Siblings | Easton & Emerson

Currituck, NC

outer banks siblings

Emmy has grown up so much in the short two weeks her little brother, Easton, has been here.  She is patient, gentle and loved being in the photos, she wanted to touch, hold and kiss him all over! But who wouldn’t, look at that little gem!!!

I love all that hair he has, it even looks like it may be strawberry blonde!

Baby Easton is a tiny little tuna, I forget that newborns are this small, he’s not even 7 lbs, a little bag of sugar!

I’m so happy for this adorable family of 4, they are going to have so many adventures! I can’t wait to see him fishing and frolicking in the Currituck Sound with his family!

outer banks siblings outer banks siblings outer banks siblings outer banks siblings

  • Sarie - Oh, wow! That second shot is out of this world!

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