Max’s BIRTH-day!

I don’t even know where to begin with this sweet little fammy sammy! I know NO birth is easy and labor is called labor for a very, very good reason but this was the easiest birth I have ever witnessed or even heard about! Sars was AH-MAZING and had the best team with her! She had one of her best girl friends who she works with as her nurse, Dr. Dwyer delivering and Dr. Halloran as her pediatrician. Everyone was so calm, reassuring, relaxing and confident. It was hilarious hearing Sars ask all the technical questions while she was birthing her own son, she has witnessed so many births and now it was her.

Sars is a labor and delivery nurse at the OBX Hospital, she went to work and while she was there had an appointment, when she was leaving the appointment her water broke. This was 2ish, she called to let me know to be on call that it would be sometime soon, at 630pm she called and I was on my way. She was all smiles when I got there, took a couple of naps and then pushed her little Max out to “Snoop Dog” and “Ah, Push It.” Hence the slideshow music below…

Max is perfect and mom and dad have the best senses of humor and personalities. It was such an honor to be invited to document Max’s arrival. Sars and Ben were so sweet, snuggling, giggling and cracking jokes all evening.

Max arrived at 2:09 am and weighed 7 lbs 14 oz. Gooo mama!!!

Congratulations lovebugs!

  • Sarie - This is incredible on so many levels. First of all, I feel like I want to give Sars and Ben a hug … I feel like I’ve been privy to such a deeply personal and emotional part of their lives. Glimpses of Max’s first moments in this world—the very moments when his entire life journey begins—make me feel like I got to be there to welcome him in person.

    Sars makes childbirth look like an evening’s entertainment! Have you ever seen so many smiles on a mother in labor? Amazing.

    Congratulations to the happy family, and best wishes always. Outstanding job as always, Brooke.

  • Christine Koestner - Thank you for sharing the birth of you little miracle! These pictures are amazing!! So glad you have them to cherish forever. Congratulations and best wishes to the family!!

  • Jennay! - Dear Ben and Sarah
    What Beautiful Pictures of a such a precious birth! It looks like life is perfect and now you get to do this awesome job called being ” parents” Can’t wait to see you all! It has to be soon. Love to all, Jennay!

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