Home from Costa Rica!!

Here are some images from our trip to Costa Rica. I went with my fiance, John, and his parents. I will write more soon… we’re walking out the door to go see my folks in New Bern, NC.
Here is the gorgeous view flying over Cuba…

The next three images below are taken from the place we were staying near the volcano Poas, the 4th one is of Poas.

We had 3 flat tires while we were there…. YUCK! We were super lucky and were able to get two of them patched. 🙂

The next two are of Volcano Arenal…. the first one is during the day and the second one is of it erupting! It was one of the most amazing sites of the trip!

This next one is in the town of Fortuna, near the volcano Arenal. It was a butcher next to the supermarket…. they had tons of meat hanging with flies all over them and the lady working the counter was drying her hair. Even more reason for me to become a complete vegetarian!

….these are Couhautils, they look like a cross between a raccoon, monkey and opossum.

A sloth hanging from an electric line, I have never seen one this close up!

Our favorite meal, a casado pescado. This time we got lucky and got the whole fish. 🙂

Tommy and Candy (John’s folks) on one of the many car rides

These next four are at Playa Uvita. We were trying to get as far south as Drake’s Bay but ran out of time. This one is a national park.

Tommy Bahama and his new found friend, Rambo.

I love monkeys!!!!!


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